14 Myths About Desi Cow Milk

by in Desi cow milk September 13, 2019

Desi cow milk nowadays is one of the most popular kinds of milk consumed by individuals of all ages. There are several benefits of this milk, but still, there have been myths about this milk now. With this blog, I am enlightening the top myths about desi milk and the facts behind them.

Nowadays, several misconceptions about the desi cow milk which churned by the indigenous cow breed. Moreover, this kind of milk is by desi cow name is Hariana, Gir, Sahiwal, Rathi, and Tharparkar. So, read the blog and get aware of the facts of desi milk.

Myth1: Drinking Desi Cow Milk Results in Kidney Stones

Truth: Some of the individuals believe that calcium stones available in our kidney occur due to the calcium we consume through desi cow milk, but there is not any evidence to prove it. Thus, as a result, drinking, this milk does not result in kidney stones.

Myth2: Desi Cow Milk Does not need Shaking

Truth: The desi cow pure milk needs a bit of the shaking. However, the ordinary milk which is available at the grocery store is homogenized, and thus it does not have any suspended particles and available to be consumed directly from the carton but, this desi cow milk needs a shake.

Myth 3: Individuals with Lactose Intolerance cannot consume desi milk

Truth: This is one of the biggest myths about desi cow milk. But, the fact is desi milk is lactose-free. Thus, this makes desi milk entirely safe for lactose intolerance individuals to consume without getting worried about any discomfort or issue. So, go ahead and try this desi milk and get fantastic benefits.

Myth 4: Desi Milk is an Unprocessed food

Truth: Yes, the milk straight out of the dairy farm is not a hygienic thing to be consumed. Thus, due to this reason, the milk has been processed for making it drinkable. So, whether it is organic milk or conventional milk delivered at your home, it surely is not raw or natural dairy milk. Thus, worry not no matter how unprocessed the milk look, but it is not.

Myth 5: Regular milk is better for health than desi milk

Truth: This debate has been going on for a long time, but various researchers have found that the milk of the desi cow is better for the health as compared to the regular milk.

Myth 6: Drinking Milk of desi cow causes Early Puberty

Truth: The milk of the desi cow provides an individual with average growth, but nothing is unnatural about it. There is not any scientific proof of this milk causes early puberty.

Myth7: Soy Milk is nutritious as the desi cow milk.

Truth: Most of the environmentalists, as well as modern health freaks nowadays, have started recommended soy milk over the desi milk advising it to be more nutritious. But, this is not true as the soy milk is not nutritious and not better for the health of individuals.

Myth 8: Individuals stomach cannot digest cow’s milk

Truth: This is entirely wrong. The milk of the desi cow consumed for a long time. This milk is easily digestible, and the individuals will not be having any issue in their digestion.

Myth 9: Unpasteurization kills Nutrients of milk

Truth: This is entirely wrong as the non-pasteurization only assists in killing the germs from milk which can cause stomach issues to individuals. Moreover, it does not play any role in eliminating vitamins, calcium, or other nutrients from desi milk.

Myth 10:  Pasteurized Milk is better than Raw Milk

The pasteurized milk is an excellent source of bacterial infections and causes health issues. But, the raw milk ensures that these bacteria are completely eliminated and milk is safe to consume without any compromising on the nutritional properties. 

Myth 11: Avoid Desi milk during congestion, cold, or asthma

Truth: There is an old saying of avoiding the desi milk while you are suffering from congestion, cold, or asthma which is only a myth. Thus, consumption of desi milk does not cause any chest issues or cannot lead to asthma.

Myth 12: Through milk, we are consuming pesticide residue by consuming milk

Truth: The cow in the farms fed with organic fodder, so believed that the cow milk produced contains pesticide and herbicide residue. Moreover, scientists mainly believe that the risk posed by a small amount of waste entirely negligible. However, all the desi farms now have switched towards feeding the organic food to the cow, which further lessens down any residues exposure to the customers.

Myth 13: Thicker milk is much nutritious

Truth: Since ages, the individuals are overwhelmed with the thickness of the desi milk, and most of us believe, the thicker the hair the nutritious it will. Moreover, the nutrition of the milk measured via its content of protein and other things. But, thickness mainly comes from the fat content of milk, which is higher in the milk of buffalo.  Thus, the nutrition content is nothing to do it with.

Myth 14: Raw milk causes osteoporosis while pasteurized milk does not

Truth: No, scientific proof found pasteurized milk causes calcium deposition or raw milk in any form link to osteoporosis. On the other side, specific experiments prove that the amount of calcium equal in both pasteurized and raw milk.


Do you also hear the myths of desi milk? Then, this blog is just for you as the blog contains information about the truth about desi cow milk in India. It is one of the most nutritious milk which helps in improving the overall health of the individual. DesiMoo provides desi milk churned from desi cow breed. They are the recognized provider of desi milk and offer free doorstep delivery across Haryana.

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