A2 Milk is better for you than Regular Milk

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It is evident that you might have heard about regular Milk. But, are you also aware of A2 Milk?

Yes, then read the whole blog and get to know about which one is better for regular consumption milk or A2 Milk.

NO, then check out the whole blog post and make yourself aware of the A2 Milk and also know which to consume desi cow milk or regular Milk.

Milk is the source of several proteins and nutrients consumed by thousands of individuals across the world. It is a kind of nutrient that is produced by mammals to feed their young ones.

For children and infants, it is one of the essential beverages to include in the diet. Thus, starting the day with a glass of Milk is very advantageous. However, most of the doctors recommend that drinking Milk in day and night helps your body. Drinking Milk before your sleep assists you to sleep better and relax after a hard day at work.

The consumption of milk is a healthy diet due to significant nutritional value. The Milk’s nutritional value is very high as compared to the small calorie beverage. Presently, cow’s Milk is one of the most consumed foods all over the world. There are two kinds of Cow’s Milk, i.e. regular Milk and A2 Milk. Different breed cows have produced the daily Milk, and Desi Indian cows produce A2 Milk.

What is A2 Milk?

A2 Milk is the Milk of a cow that has of hump present on their back. The desi Milk contains A2 beta-casein protein, which makes this Milk highly healthy as well as nutritional as compared to the regular Milk, which includes A1 beta-casein protein, which is highly harmful to the body of humans.

The desi cow A2 milk is utterly natural and contains macro as well as micronutrients. Moreover, desi cow milk is derived from the cows that are grass-fed and have a high content of omega 3 and 6, minerals and antioxidants beta carotene.

The Desi cow milk is preservative-free and additive and entirely natural. It is the reason as it was refreshing as well as tasty.  Desi cow milk can eliminate digestion, and it enhances nutritional value and health. Several studies might have shown that desi cow milk is healthier than A1 Milk. Moreover, consumption of A2 milk can increases the chances of Type-1 diabetes.

Desi cow milk is an alternative to the industrial Milk, which comprises of stress hormones as well as antibiotics. This pure desi cow milk is free from the chemicals and another kind of preservatives.

Instantly, another kind of regular Milk produces A1 protein, Morphine 7, BCM-7, which are highly dangerous for the health of humans. However, all the residents of chemicals which are available in A1 Milk cause stomach aches, digestive issues, inflammation and bloating.

Dissimilarity among Regular Milk and A2 Milk

The main difference among regular Milk and A2 Milk is the protein which is beta-casein protein. Further, this beta-casein protein categorized among A1 and A2 beta-casein.

Are You Aware of Casein?

Then, let’s discuss which casein is available in the Milk?

Casein is one of the most significant proteins available in the Milk. Also, there are several types of casein found in Milk. Beta casein is the most common protein available.

Common Form of Beta Casein:

A1 Beta casein Protein: This is the kind of protein present in regular Milk obtained from the cows found in northern Europe. 

A2 Beta casein: This is the kind of protein found in A2 Milk obtained from Desi cow.

Moreover, regular Milk contains both A1 and A2 casein but, desi cow milk only comprises of the A2 beta-casein protein. But some of the studies show that desi cow milk is a healthier choice for the individuals as A1 Milk is much harmful.

Nutrition Present in A2 milk


Some of the vitamins present in A2 Milk are:

  • Desi cow milk contains vitamin D, which is essential for the human’s teeth and bones.
  • Desi Cow milk has the presence of Vitamin A which is crucial for the immunity and vision
  • This Milk contains Vitamin B12 which is essential for red blood cells
  • Presence of Vitamin B2 which assist in converting the food into energy


Consuming desi cow milk means consumption of A2 beta-casein protein in the body


Some of the minerals found in A2 Milk are:

  • Calcium is present in A2 Milk, which is essential for healthy teeth as well as bones. Also, it helps in the functioning of the blood pressure and muscles.
  • Phosphorous is present in the desi cow Milk which is highly helpful for the growth of tissues and cells
  • Potassium consists of desi cow milk, which is essential for the functioning of cells, tissues and body organs. Also, it assists in regulating the blood temperature.

Benefits of drinking A2 Milk

As a fact, A2 Milk is the demanded white liquid, which is highly nutritional. Additionally, this Milk includes vitamin D, vitamin D, minerals, proteins, organic compounds, and antioxidants, which assist the body of humans in various ways.

So, as we have discussed above, the nutrition available in desi cow milk. Now, let’s take a comprehensive look at some health benefits of consuming A2 Milk:

Strong Bones and Teeth

Consumption of desi cow milk means strengthening teeth and bones. Drinking this milk assists to build strong bones due to the presence of essential nutrients as well as calcium. The appearance of the protein in desi cow milk makes to keep teeth healthy. With the increase in age, the density of bones increases. So, consuming desi cow milk strengthens bones.

Loss of weight

Some of the research has shown that consumption of A2 milk results in loss of weight. desi cow milk can prevent hunger due to the contamination of protein and a low levels of calories. Due to the presence of metabolic boosting and proteins, it supplies energy and saves humans from being inactive. So, this high metabolism present helps in the loss of weight. 

Keeps Heart Healthy

The A2 Milk, which is obtained by Desi cow, has the presence of Omega 3. Well, this kind entirely depends on the cows where it grazes. So, this Omega 3 fatty acid is the best form of cholesterol, and as a result; it keeps the heart healthy and safe from conditions such as heart attacks and strokes.

Protects from Diabetes

The A2 Milk has the presence of essential minerals as well as Vitamin B, which assists in the metabolism of the body to function correctly and process the food accurately. Moreover, it controls the level of glucose and insulin. Thus, this helps to maintain the level of sugar and thus protect humans from diabetes.

Improves Immunity

A2 Milk contains a large amount of calcium as well as protein. Moreover, it has antioxidants like zinc, selenium and vitamin E. Drinking of desi cow milk can enhance immunity and prevents several diseases. Furthermore, it also increases skin appearance.

Does A2 Milk Worth Than Regular Milk?

The individuals who never experience any issues with the consumption of the regular Milk then, there is not any proof to advise the benefits of having A2 milk rather than regular Milk which has the presence of both A1 and A2 protein.

The individuals who have issues of intolerance to milk or are lactose intolerant then, desi cow milk is the ideal choice to consume as it helps to prevent every stomach issues as desi cow milk is lactose-free. However, desi cow milk is lactose-free, which is naturally occurring sugar that can increase the chances of gastro issues in the individuals who are lactose intolerant. Moreover, there is a need for a study that compares the effect of lactose-free Milk and desi cow milk in the individuals who are lactose intolerant. 

Well, the most important thing is that we cannot exclude the Milk from our diet as it is a vital source of calcium and other minerals. Moreover, Calcium can prevent osteoporosis.

Some other advantages of consuming A2 Milk:

  1. So, the consumption of desi cow milk means does not pass BCM-7, which is present in regular Milk and causes several diseases such as:
  2. Type-1 Diabetes
  3. Heart disease
  4. Immune system issue
  5. Neurological impairment
  6. Inflammation
  7. Brain function
  8. Desi Cow Milk is easily digestible as compared to regular Milk
  9. Lower down the level of cholesterol as it has more amount of beta carotene

Bottom Line

As per the facts and other studies, A2 Milk is healthier as compared to regular Milk. Moreover, indigenous desi cow breed milk is better for health as it has a lot of protein, fat, calcium and other several nutrients.

So, if you are looking for a comparison of A2 Milk and A1 Milk then, I must tell you that there is not any scientific research till now which claims that desi cow milk is better than A1 Milk. Moreover, the study is going on, and shortly, you will know which Milk is better desi cow milk or regular Milk.

In the end, I would say that desi cow milk is worth to try if you are struggling with the consumption of regular Milk. Meanwhile, A2 Milk provides several benefits that help you to stay fit as well as healthy. Also, desi cow milk keeps individuals away from several diseases.

If you were consuming regular Milk and switched to A2 milk recently, then tell us your experience through your comments! If you are searching for pure desi cow milk then, buy from DesiMoo.

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