A2 Milk – The Best Dairy Product to Rejuvenate Your Overall Health

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Do you know A2 milk is an excellent way to drink healthy? Have to ever hear about exclusive advantages of A2 milk? No? Then, read to continue, this article is especially for you. In this article, you are aware of what A2 milk, its benefits, is and how it is beneficial for overall human health. This form of milk in the form of milk that provides ‘n’ numbers of additional nutrients to the human body. There is also a company named DesiMoo Farming that is known as the foremost provider of A2 milk and numerous other dairy products.

Thus, let’s continue your reading and avail with numerous benefits of A2 milk.

A2 Milk – The Best Dairy product

As all we know, milk is the most crucial foodstuff for human beings. It is the precious white liquid which we get from mammals. And, mammals are living beings who can feed their babies until and unless they start eating solid food. Milk contains numerous essential nutrients & provides ‘n’ numbers of other benefits that include prevention from osteoporosis.

Moreover, various people are unable to digest lactose in their bodies. Lactose is the sugar available in milk. And, if you are worried about milk allergies & lactose intolerance, then desi cow milk is especially for you. A2 milk is the substitute for milk that offers equal or some additional benefits as that of your ordinary milk.

Let’s begin with the A2 milk introduction!

What is A2 Milk?

A2 milk is the superior foodstuff that is finally obtained from Desi Cows. The milk is produced by the Indian Desi Cows that have a hump on their back. Moreover, the foremost significance of A2 milk is that it contains A2 beta protein. And, this makes the milk nutritional and health for people of all ages. This form of milk offers numerous additional attributes to that of ordinary milk provided by regular cows that have A1 protein.

Milk is entirely natural, having various macronutrients and nutrients. The Desi Indian Cows that provide A2 milk are Grass-fed cows. Thus, they produce additional content of essential omega 6 and 3, nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants beta carotene. Moreover, A2 dairy is entirely free from numerous additives and naturally produced by Desi Indian Cows. The breed of cows that offer this healthy milk includes Rathi, Gir, Brahman, Sahiwal, Arvin East, Red Sindhi, Kangeyam, and Tharparkar.

Know More About A2 Milk

There are two kinds of milk that we gain from cows such as regular milk and desi cow milk. A2 dairy is responsible for removing all kinds of digestive issues and helps to maintain your overall health. This form of milk facilitates to increase your nutritional value. According to a study, it is reported that this form of milk is healthier than that of A1 milk. Moreover, by consuming this form of milk on a daily basis, it helps to reduce the risk of Type 1 Diabetes.

The dissimilarity of A1 and A2 milk

The primary difference between regular milk and desi cow milk is the beta-casein protein. This beta-casein is of two kinds i.e., A1 beta-casein and A2 beta-casein protein. Both of the casein protein differs by amino acid. But, desi cow milk does not contain A1 casein protein.

  • A1 milk is extracted from hybrid cow breeds such as Ayrshire, Holstein, and others but desi cow milk is obtained from indigenous cow breeds such as Gir, Rathi, Sahiwal, Hariana, Tharparkar, and others.
  • A1 milk contains A1 beta-casein protein while our healthier version of milk contains A2 beta-casein protein
  • Consumption of regular cow milk causes type-1 diabetes and drinking of desi cow milk cure type-1 diabetes
  • A1 milk is easy to digest and causes gastro issues, but the desi cow milk can be digested easily
  • The A1 milk can lead to heart disease and high blood pressure, but the consumption of desi cow milk make heart healthy and maintain cholesterol level
  • A1 milk is not better for kids, but milk containing A2 protein is an alternative to mother milk for toddlers.

Nutrition in A2 Milk (Desi Cow Milk)


There are three essential minerals available in desi cow milk:

  • Initial is calcium imperative for healthy bones and teeth. Additionally, better for muscles and blood pressure.
  • 2nd is phosphorous that assist in the development of cells growth and tissue
  • The last mineral is potassium, which aids in the functioning of the cells, tissues, and body organs.

Furthermore, some of the vitamins available in desi cow milk:

  • Contains Vitamin D which assist in having calcium and phosphorus essential for teeth and bones
  • It has Vitamin A important for the immunity and vision
  • Has Vitamin B12 which is vital for blood cell
  • Enclosed with Vitamin B2 assists in converting the food to energy

Proteins: Desi cow milk is the best source to consume protein known as A2 beta-casein protein

A2 milk Health Advantages

Desi cow milk is a recognizable and nutritional type of milk that is available in the market.  It is enriched with Vitamin B, Vitamin D, minerals, antioxidants, and organic compounds.

Let’s not talk more and discuss some of the benefits of desi cow milk for health:

Strong Bones and Teeth

Consumption of the desi cow milk results in strengthening the bone and teeth of humans.  However, this form of milk is rich with calcium and several other minerals that keep teeth and bones healthy.

Loss of Weight by using A2 Milk

Since there are researches that show that the consumption of desi cow milk helps in weight loss. Due to the presence of protein in this milk, it quenches hunger. Meanwhile, the protein offers energy and provides an active lifestyle to the individuals

Enhance Heart Health

The desi cow milk churned from indigenous cow breeds has a content of omega 3. Therefore, this is an excellent form of cholesterol which enhances heart health and cure from heart diseases.

Cure Type-1 Diabetes- Desi cow milk has vitamin B as well as other imperative minerals which assist the body to function correctly. Moreover, this milk maintains blood sugar level and cure individuals from Type-1 diabetes.

DesiMoo – Best A2 Milk Provider

DesiMoo is one of the most recognized milk provider company in Haryana. However, the main aim of our company is to offer pure and healthy milk obtained from desi cows. Furthermore, we deliver preservatives free and nutrient-creamy desi cow milk at the doorstep of our valued customers.

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