Amazing Benefits of Desi Cow Milk

by in Desi cow milk September 18, 2019

The desi cow milk is exceptionally healthy, pure and it is irresistibly surprising. Being kind to your body does not mean that you need to compromise on the taste. Churned from the desi cow Gir, Rathi, Hariana, desi cow milk provides several kinds of benefits which makes it a fantastic food. This milk is healthy for adults as well as kids. However, this milk is an alternative milk of mother’s milk. So, the consumption of this milk is a benefit for the individuals

Benefits of Desi Cow Milk

Enhance Nutrition 

Due to the higher heating point, desi cow milk provides all the nutrition after the use. This means that your body can get all the fantastic benefits of omega 3 fatty acid, and vitamin A, incomplete. However, the fat present in the milk is good for health as it aids metabolism faster. Bear in mind that this is nor the same fat you will be found in fries, fritters, and other fast food items. 

Desi Cow Milk: Better Gut Health 

The desi milk contains naturally occurring substance known as butyric acid, which is a perfect new for an individual’s stomach. Thus, being an individual add desi cow milk in your diet if you are having any bowel issues. However, there are several studies that show that the health of hair and skin is connected with the health of the stomach to some extent. Thus, indirectly consuming desi milk means you are providing your whole body with a detox fest. 

More Satiety 

Do you ever had a complete meal but still has been left with some unkind feeling of the half-full stomach? But, this will not be the case with desi milk. The healthy fat in this enhances the level of satiety which helps you to feel full such that you feel terrific when you are done the drinking. This will also prevent you from eating unhealthy food which as a result, helps in managing the weight. So, this one thing has so many benefits. 

Provide More Energy 

Do you wonder why milk is essential for individuals? Well, it provides fatty acid, which helps metabolism and also bestows you with much energy. Thus, if you are looking to enhance stamina, or fight fatigue, then desi cow milk is best for your ally. It is life-reviving nectar which boosts metabolism. 

Desi Cow Milk: Lower down cholesterol

The desi cow milk is completely safe and best to invest as it lowers down bad cholesterol and enhances the right cholesterol level. This helps in improving natural health as well as immunity. So, if you want to keep your heart happy, it is a perfect addition to your diet plan.       

Fit Body 

It is just a myth that you need to eliminate the fat for losing weight. But the truth is that fat you need to get rid of is available in the junk food. The great fat which is found in desi cow milk speed up metabolism, which helps in losing weight. Thus, this keeps the body fit. The milk contains linolenic acid, which seems to be highly helpful in losing weight, especially belly fat. The desi cow is also beneficial for slowing down cancer in the body and protects heart diseases. 

No Diabetes

The Indians are more prone to diabetes as compared to other world’s population. Thus, it is essential to take preventive measures to protect yourself from diseases, especially if you have a genetic history. So, add desi milk in your diet and eliminate the chances of getting ill. 

Increase memory 

The desi cow milk contains several medicinal values and help with constipation, ulcers, and promote happy skin and healthy eyes. It is utilized to cure and treat blisters and burns. However, it proves to enhance the memory and balances the mind and increase the function of the brain. 

Promotes Well Being 

The desi milk contains the preeminent herbs which work perfectly for the complete health and improves well being and longevity. However, the milk is entirely beneficial and recommended for the individuals who are suffering from fisher, piles, and fistula. 

Desi Cow Milk: Packed with more nutrients 

The nutritional value of the desi cow milk is highly impressive, and moreover, it is ideal for the newborn babies after they stop drinking mother’s milk. 

One cup of desi cow milk contains the following nutrients:

  • Contains protein of 8 grams 
  • Fat 8 grams
  • calcium 28% of RDA. 
  • Vitamin 24% of RDA
  • Vitamin b12 18% of RDA
  • Potassium around 10% of RDA
  • Phosphorous is 22% of RDA
  • Selenium is 13% of the RDA

Excellent Source of Protein

Desi cow milk availability has made things easier. Desi milk is a highly prominent dairy products, and it is a fantastic source of protein. The quality of the protein is highly essential for the functions in the body, which includes development and complete, cellular repair and immune system. This is the main reason that milk is a comprehensive source of the protein which contains every amino acid required for the body to function effectively.

Benefits the bone health 

The consumption of milk has been linked to healthy bones. The reason behind it is that it has every powerful combination of nutrients such as protein, calcium and others, which is a necessity to maintain healthy and strong bones. 

Prevents weight gain 

There is a misconception among individuals that the consumption of milk increases the weight. But, studies show that the use of milk is associated with lowering the risk of obesity. The milk has linoleic acid which helps in boosting weight loss and prevents the breakdown of the fat and inhibits the production of fat. 


Do you milk is an excellent source for the body of an individual? Then, it is true, but only desi cow milk has several amazing benefits and best for the individuals. So, including desi milk in your diet is ideal to reap its incredible benefits. This blog will make you aware of the benefits of desi milk. If you want to buy desi cow milk online. Then, DesiMoo is one of the best desi cow milk providers in Gurgaon Haryana. 

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