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Looking For The Best A2 Cow Milk Supplier in Gurgaon

in A2 Cow Milk, A2 Milk, Desi cow milk October 27, 2020

The A2 Cow Milk demand has witnessed an upsurge in past few years. It is regarded as the purest type of organic milk. Besides, it’s the powerhouse of A2 Beta Casein protein and Colostrum whose benefits are similar to human mother’s milk. It includes various health benefits. The regular consumption of A2 Milk can redefine […]

Why Prefer Desi Cow Milk Over Regular Cow Milk?

in Desi cow milk February 27, 2020

Back in the early nineteenth century when there was no refrigeration and a lack of public sanitation, bad milk was a common occurrence. In urban areas, cows were fed distillery waste, or swill, which made them undernourished and sick. Their milk was bluish and thin and offered very little nutrition. Dairies were anything, but sanitary […]