Desi Cow Milk: A Secret Control Type-1 Diabetes in Kids

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Is your kid suffering from Type-1 diabetes? Well, it is uncomplicated to concede away the conception of the type-1 diabetes diet. But as a fact, your kids diet has not been distinctive from the kind who is not suffering from diabetes. Still, there are some considerations of which you need to be aware of and understand the presence of carbohydrates of food is utterly essential. In this blog post, you will learn that desi cow milk is the best diet for the kids to get rid of type-1 diabetes 

Basics of Nutrition for kids

Well, in general, there is not any such thing as the diabetic diet. This is the reason you are required to focus on offering your kids with some balanced nutrition. Having proper food for kids is essential to get away from several kinds of diseases. So, making the diet plan which has complete nutrition, help your kids to get away from type-1 diabetes. Also, you can create personalized eating plans which are completely balanced and flexible. 

Having a healthy diet is vital for the management of type-1 diabetes in the kids. The menu of Type-1 diabetes is mainly designed to offer more nutrition but also to track the intake of protein, carbohydrate, and fat. Moreover, there is not any single unique diabetes diet that involves how mindful you eat and how your body will be responding to a particular food. 

Why Follow a Type-1 diabetes diet?

The kids who have Type-1 diabetes need to track their blood sugar levels. Without taking proper diet, insulin therapy, and exercise an individual with type-1 diabetes could result in several health issues. 

Issues relevant to Type-1 Diabetes

High blood pressure can enhance the risk of stroke, heart attack, and poor blood circulation 

  • Problems in Vision 
  • Damage in Kidney
  • Nerve Damage

Skin sores and infections that can cause pain and results in tissue death

Following the whole dietary rules can results in reducing the complications of type-1 diabetes and assist in avoiding health issues. Moreover, it can also enhance overall life quality. 

Desi Cow Milk Best Drink to control Type-1 Diabetes

There is not any standard diet for diabetes. But, you can drink desi cow milk which can help your kids to reduce the symptoms of type-1 diabetes. 

Do you know why desi cow milk is better to consume for the kids with Type-1 diabetes? Well, the desi cow milk contains A2 beta-casein protein which helps in curing type-1 diabetes.

Additionally, this milk contains several other proteins and essentials nutrients which are required for the development of kids. So, planning the diet ahead of the time is better to keep your kid healthy. Giving your kid a glass of milk is best to start his/her day as this milk helps in eliminating several kinds of diseases and keep the kid healthy. 

Moreover, the critical aspect of the diabetic diet is consistency. Thus, to maintain blood sugar level do the following things:

  • Do not skip meals
  • Make sure to give your kids a glass of milk 
  • Give attention to the labels of food
Exercise Importance

As per the American Diabetes Association(ADA), it is essential to do some regular physical activity for complete health and wellness to reduce diabetes. Thus, it is important to exercise daily to eliminate the risk of type-1 diabetes on the kids. 


Starting Type-1 Diabetes Diet 

It is essential to incorporate highly nutritious food which is high in minerals and vitamins. For the typical health recommendations, selecting healthy protein, food, and nutrient-rich carbohydrate is essential. If you are having issues managing type-1 diabetes, then you can consult the doctor and manage the medications as well as timing to eat the food. Additionally, you can discuss the portions of carbohydrates per meal which is accurate as per your need. 

However, you need to take into mind that giving desi cow milk to your kid is the secret to eliminate this disease. 

When to Eat?

It is essential to know when to eat rather than what to eat. 

Consuming smaller meals and checking the whole snacking day can make your blood sugar easier to track and preserve from peaking. 

You can consult the doctor or a certified diabetic consultant who can provide you with the complete diet chart with timings. Moreover, they can calculate the accurate insulin needs to support carbohydrate intake and avoid the consumption of blood sugar lows and highs. 

Milk, fruit, nuts, and vegetables are the best food to consume when your kid has type-1 diabetes.

Moreover, a healthy breakfast can maintain the level of sugar after a night rest. However, physical activity and exercise can lower down the level of sugar. If your kid is doing yoga on a daily basis, then you need to measure their blood sugar level after they exercise. This will help you to know how much you need to give them to eat for maintaining a healthy body.  

Type-1 Diabetes: Food to Avoid

Well, there is not any particular food which you need to avoid to give your kids. But still, there are certain things to keep in mind when you do meal planning or grocery shopping.

The kids with diabetes have a high chance of getting heart disease. Due to this, it is good to keep your kid away from all the fatty food which contains saturated fat, cholesterol, and other fat. Make sure to avoid the food which has more salt. However, overeating of sodium can also result in high blood pressure. 

Give your kids foods like cookies, candy, frosting, or soda in the limit as it can enhance the level of sugar. Thus, it is perfect for providing the meal and with insulin. Also, you can adjust the insulin level as per carbohydrate counting. 


Living with Type-1 diabetes means you need to be highly careful about the diet of your kid and how it affects their body. Make sure to have a diet chart for your kid to keep them healthy and keep them away from the diseases. Thus, The best drink to consume is desi cow milk if your kid has type-1 diabetes. DesiMoo offers pure desi cow milk which helps to eliminate diabetes in the kids and keep them healthy. 

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