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Presently, there are various misconceptions about the indigenous desi cows milk and their A2 milk. Nowadays, the individuals are getting more aware of the desi cows such as Gir cow, Hariana cow, Sahiwal Cow, Sindhi cow, Tharparkar, and much more. Additionally, there is a confusion rising among the desi cow and jersey/HF cows. Numerous dairies in India sell the milk of the HF cows by name of the Indian cow breeds. But do you know what desi cows are? What is the disparity between desi cows and HF cows? What are the numerous breeds of desi cows?

Let’s not waste time; I am just starting with the detailed information of the desi cow milk Gurgaon with this blog.

What is a desi cow?

The desi cows in India are native Indian cows available in the Indian subcontinent. Some distinguishing characteristics that indigenous desi cows include hump on their back and a big dewlap. These desi cows are highly utilized in the weather conditions of hot Indian terrain and tropical. Thus, they can at ease survive in India. The indigenous desi cows milk contains A2 protein, which is highly essential for the body of humans. However, the dung and urine of desi cows are highly popular and contain medicinal properties that foreign breed cows do not contain.

Which type of cow produces more milk in India?

In India, several breeds of cows are found, which yields a different quantity of milk. The pure and original breed indigenous desi cows milk from India mainly produces around 4-8 liters milk each day as per their cycle of lactation. There is some desi cow breed which only yields 2-3 liters per day. However, there will be a little exception. There are some of the situations in which a cow is required to produce more than 40 liters in a day. The Gir indigenous cow can yield milk around 5-12 liters milk, Sahiwal cow can produce around 6 to 11 liters in a day. The Rathi Indian cattle breed produces 3-6 liters per day. Hariana cow breed is known to produce 600 to 800 kg milk as per their lactation.

Which is the best desi cow breed present in India?

The desi cows or indigenous cows are native Indian cows known for the nutritional value of the milk they yield. Fewer desi cows are extremely admired as compared to others due to a lack of knowledge about indigenous desi cows. But recently Gir cows and Hariana cow breeds have gained the popularity of producing nutritious desi milk and other milk products. Still, there are several other desi cows in Gurgaon which produce nutritious milk and contain A2 protein. Some of them are Sahiwal, Rathi, Tharparkar, Red Sindhi, and others which yield milk that has A2 protein.

Why Indigenous Cows Breed?

Moreover, there are some of the desi cows such as Khillar naturally built for farms, and they require more strength. The Khillar cow breeds churned a lesser quantity of milk, due to which they are not much popular in the market. As a summary, when it comes to the value of milk nutrition pure desi cow breeds are superior. Therefore, this makes the desi cow breeds as the best cow breeds as compared to the HF cow breeds.

What is the dissimilarity among desi cow milk and Jersey cow milk?

The desi cows are the indigenous cows breed found in India. Since ages, these cow breeds are the best source of milk, cow urine, and cow dung. In the Indian culture, the desi cows are considered as the holy cows, which tends to have medicinal properties. However, the indigenous desi cows milk in India is becoming highly popular due to its nutrition and medicinal values.

Jersey cows are the foreign cow breed which was mainly produced by cross-breeding of the animal known as ‘Urus’ with cows of numerous breeds. This cow breeding has been done in Europe to obtain superior quantity and quality meat. The modern-day HF cows and Jersey cows are known as a crossbreed. But the desi cow A2 protein while the HF cow contains A1 protein. Moreover, foreign breed cow dung and urine is not considered to have any medicinal values and does not use for Ayurvedic medicine.

What are different indigenous cows milk breeds in India with their native place?

As per NBAGR, there are 43 indigenous desi cow breeds been registered in India.

List of Indigenous Cows in India

S.No Breed of Cow Native
1 Hariana Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan
2 Gir Gujrat
3 Bargur Tamilnadu
4 Dangi Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh
5 Deoni Maharashtra and Karnataka
6 Gaolao Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh
7 Bachaur Bihar
8 Hallikar Karnataka
9 Amritmahal Karnataka
10 Kangayam Tamilnadu
11 Kankrej Gujarat and Rajasthan
12 Kenkatha Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh
13 Kherigarh Uttar Pradesh
14 Khillar Maharashtra and Karnataka
15 Krishna Valley Karnataka
16 Malvi Madhya Pradesh
17 Mewati Rajasthan, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh
18 Nagori Rajasthan
19 Nimari Madhya Pradesh
20 Ongole Andhra Pradesh
21 Ponwar Uttar Pradesh
22 Punganur Andhra Pradesh
23 Rathi Rajasthan
24 Red Kandhari Maharashtra
25 Red Sindhi On organized farms only
26 Sahiwal Punjab and Rajasthan
27 Siri Sikkim and West Bengal
28 Tharparkar Rajasthan
29 Umblachery Tamilnadu
30 Vechur Kerala
31 Motu Orissa,Chhattisgarh & Andhra Pradesh
32 Ghumusari Orissa
33 Binjharpuri Orissa
34 Khariar Orissa
35 Pulikulam Tamilnadu
36 Kosali Chhattisgarh
37 Malnad Gidda Karnataka
38 Belahi Haryana and Chandigarh
39 Gangatiri Uttar Pradesh and Bihar
40 Badri Uttarakhand
41 Lakhimi Assam
42 Ladakhi Jammu and Kashmir
43 Konkan Kapila Maharashtra and Goa

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