How Does Desi Cow Milk is More Beneficial Than Regular Milk?

by in Desi cow milk October 10, 2019

We know that Desi food production is supervised and controlled by strict state standards. The farms producing Desi cow’s dairy must undergo a certification process. It proves that farmers do not use any conventional pesticides, artificial fertilizers or antibiotics, and cows have enough grazing space and provide pure Desi Cow Milk.

Desi milk which can be equated to ‘Amrut’ or nectar is endowed with a number of nutrients that are highly beneficial to a human being. Some of them are listed as follows:

Desi milk is something that more people are adding to their diets and healthy lifestyles. The reasons for this are clear when you consider how this type of product is made. Typically these types of products lack some of the things we are now considering bad, but not dangerous, for us. In order to accomplish this with desi cow milk, you need to take special care of the desi cows that produce it. That means a special diet and different ways of treating them as well.

Pure Desi Milk

Desi cow milk comes from dairy operations that are certified as Desi cow dairy producers. Strict standards need to be met. Desi dairy farmers do not use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. They do not feed their dairy cattle with grains or other foods that have been exposed to synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. The food used by Desi cow dairies does not contain any preservatives or additives. Desi dairy cow is not given any growth hormones to increase milk production. In addition, Desi dairy cow does not receive any antibiotics. Desi cow’s milk is a boon to overweight individuals as it helps them to lose weight.

Why Desi Cow’s Milk?

Desi cow milk producers are quick to tell us that their milk is delicious. And, it is produced from Desi cows untreated with antibiotics or growth hormones. Desi cows not exposed to harmful pesticides. Desi milk-producing cows are fed natural feed and are free-ranging; the Desi cow milk is pasteurized and homogenized like regular milk and it even incorporates vitamin D. Moreover, such claims have brought up the demand for Desi cow milk, sometimes at double the cost of regular milk. Some consumers wonder, is it well worth the added cost?

Cow’s milk is enriched with a good amount of high-quality A2 protein which is essential to the body. As for the diet to produce Desi milk the cows generally get to graze more frequently and when given grain products.

What is Desi Cow Milk?

Research is somewhat limited with regard to evaluating the health benefits of Desi milk over conventional milk. This can be confusing to some of us milk drinkers.

Consumers turn to Desi cow A2 milk with the belief that this milk is healthier. While others have strong environmental or animal rights beliefs. And luckily, Desi cow milk is a few cents more than conventional milk in the current marketplace.

To clarify this for us, the Department of Agriculture has four specific requirements. And, assist in the definition of which milk is Desi cow milk and which milk is not.

Desi Milk V/S Regular Milk

One foremost requirement is that the milk must come from the Desi cows. These Desi cows never treated with bovine growth hormone, used to increase milk production. Some people feel that milk treated in this manner may increase hormone-associated cancers. And, have an effect on growth hormone levels in humans.

Apparently there are people who believe that the bovine growth hormone (BGH) is A2 protein-related. It means that if a human ingests it, the A2 protein gets destroyed in the acidic environment of our stomach.

Second, Desi cows milk must come from cows free of antibiotic treatments. If a milk cow is treated with an antibiotic, this cow is removed from the herd for a year. And, conventional herds of cows cannot give milk until assessments show that the milk is antibiotic-free. Tanks of milk are tested for the presence of antibiotics on a regular basis.

Desi Milk Better Than Regular Milk

Another requirement is that the milk cows are fed feed that is grown without pesticides. There are some reports indicating that non-Desi milk may be allowed to contain small quantities of particular pesticides. Thus, these amounts remain below-established tolerance levels. Moreover, some researchers have stated that they have not found any grave health issues. All such issues are directly associated with pesticides in cow feed. Thus, it causes health risks in humans.

Finally, Desi cow milk must come from cows that have access-to-pasture. Some consumers envision year-round grazing of blissful cows. However, as this is possible in specific climates, not in typically colder climates, there is no established minimum requirement, Desi cow milk can come from cows that have had limited entry-to-a-pasture. There are those who consider that pasture-fed cows produce more conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). It is an essential fatty acid (EFA) found to be protective against cancer. Others dispute this stating that grass feeding alone does not definitively result in elevated CLA levels.

At the end of the day, Desi cow milk tastes better. It is animal-friendly. In addition, Desi Milk is easier on our bodies. It is more considerate toward our environment. Moreover, desi milk cost is a few cents more than conventional milk. Thus, the consumption of desi milk is better for humans.

Final Verdict

Desi milk can be found by a few different companies. Do your milk is an outstanding source for your body? If not then, it is exact, but only desi cow milk has numerous incredible attributes. In addition, it is best for all human beings. Thus, including desi cow milk in your diet is the ideal way to reap its unbelievable attributes. I think this blog will help you to aware of the attributes of desi milk. If you want to purchase desi cow milk online then, DesiMoo is the best portal to buy. And, DesiMoo is the best provider for Desi cow milk in Gurgaon, Haryana.

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