How is Technology Shaping Dairy Industry in Gurgaon?

by in Desi cow milk October 1, 2019

In today’s generation, technology has touched every spear of our life for some goodness. The technology has made our life more comfortable as well as efficient. So, we are talking about the correlation between technology and the dairy industry in Gurgaon.

Do you think technology can work wonders in the simple dairy industry?

Well, the answer is yes!

The technology can do more than wonders.

So, let us see the technology in the dairy industry with this blog…                             

When the technology joins hands with the dairy industry for measuring behavioural, physiological, and production indicators on the individual animals to enhancement management tactics and farm performance.

In the dairy industry in Gurgaon, Technology is utilized for:

  • Recordings of dairy milk yield
  • Monitoring of the milk component such as protein and fat
  • Daily measurements of body weight
  • Indicator of milk conductivity
  • Automatic devices for temperature recording
  • Pedometers

Advancement in Milking

The dairy industry in Gurgaon is utilizing the vacuum system to milk their cows. Meanwhile, the vacuums are incorporated among the individual milking machines. However, this system mainly allows for several cows to be milk within a time. Well, this milking machine has been made of the silicone or rubber that ensures complete comfort of the cows at the time of milking. Moreover, the vacuum in the machine throb smoothly on the teats of cows and depict milk from the udder. It takes around 8-10 minutes to milk the cows by utilizing this machine.   

The rotary parlors are not much renowned in Gurgaon; they all the farmers with superior cow breeds to get the general idea of all the cows on elevating, slowly rotating platform. Thus, the podium mainly absolute the rotation in about 10-12 minutes. However, this allows every cow to be milked, devour grain, and get her udder clean as well as dried out preceding to she leaves to socialized and rest with other desi cow herds. 

Automatic Milking Technology

The automatic milking machine is becoming highly popular in the Gurgaon dairy industry. In the robotic dairy farms, the cows can produce milk at any point in time. The robotic arms have fond of the vacuum pump to the cow. The milk protection, as well as health data of cow, recorded and after the completion of the milk, the cow has been returned to the farm. However, to ensure the highest quality of products, farmers make use of the complicated method of refrigeration.

They refrigerate the milk at 4 degrees Celsius to chill it in a bulk tanker before picked up the trucks to transport. After this, the trucks bring the milk processing plant every 48 hours. The usual roadway and recording of the milk temperature are enforced in the dairy farms in Gurgaon. Often, it is basic with the exploitation of a time-temperature recorder, which does an automatic temperature verify every 15 minutes. 

Cow Comfort and Herd Health

Most of the dairy farms in Gurgaon are utilizing the latest and advance technology to maintain the health of the cow’s breeds and milk production. The farmers can nowadays easily manage the production of milk and the health of animals with cell phones and web apps. Additionally, every cow in the Gurgaon prepared with the radio frequency identification (RFID) tag to keep the supervise of their modern situation and derivation. Some of the farmers make use of the pedometers to track the daily routine of the desi cows and recognize that if the cow might need some extra help.

Do you know the favorite technical thing about the desi cow? Then, it is the cow brush. Most of the farmers have their barns which equipped with the brushes that started to move in contact with cow. The brushes of the cows have to survive revealed to perk up the fitness as well as well being of the cattle by permit the augmented blood circulation.

 What is the Main Objective of Technology in the Dairy Industry in Gurgaon?

The main aim of the technology is to capable to increase the potential of the cows, check the diseases at an early stage, and even control the utilization of the medication via preventive health means,

So, all these technologies are mainly like to have a significant impact in some areas of reproduction, health, and quality control.

What are the potential advantages of technology in the dairy industry?

The main advantages of technology in the dairy industry in Gurgaon include:

  • Reduction of the costs
  • Enhance well being and health of cows
  • Increases the efficiency
  • Enhanced the quality of milk
  • Reduces the adverse environmental impacts

Why do we require Technology in Dairy Farming?

Well, the answer is straightforward; technology is highly essential in the industry of dairy products. Well, this is due to the reason that the milk produced in Gurgaon consume by individuals in the city, which is entirely free from all the preservatives and contamination. Additionally, individuals demand to drink milk, which is not processed — moreover, the individual demands to live a healthy life.

There are several things that need to correct entirely to take the dairy industry further. Some of them are:

  • Rapid urbanization
  • The high rate of interest
  • Underdeveloped infrastructure
Collar Technology

The ID collar sends the information to the farmer via a transponder to keep the monitor of milk production, cows health, frequency of milking and activity of the cow vs the eating of a cow. This complete wearable technology is highly essential for the management of cow that allows farmers to check cows’ welfare and highly possible to respond before the milk production or herd has been affected.

What is next?

Undoubtedly, the latest technology available to the dairy farmers is competent in transforming productivity as well as profits in the dairy industry.


In the dairy industry nowadays, technology is highly vital for the wellbeing and health of the desi cows. If the farm is offering desi cow milk, then, this technology is of utmost essential to produce the milk free from harmful preservatives. Thus, at DesiMoo, we make use of the technology and robotic milking process to ensure that the milk is completely free from contamination and individuals to live a healthy life.

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