Is Desi Cow Milk Healthiest to Consume?

by in Desi cow milk August 31, 2019

With the rise in the focus on healthy eating and drinking, desi cow milk has nowadays become buzz words. Moreover, it has been seen as a panacea for several lifestyle diseases. So, there has been a rise in the demand for the desi milk churned from indigenous cow breeds without any surprise.

Pure and Farm Fresh Desi Cow Milk

Do you know what exactly desi cow milk is? The milk obtained from the desi cows who are mainly fed up with the fodder been grown on chemical-free soil, and which have not been injected with the hormones or antibiotics. This procedure ensured that the milk of these cows is entirely free from all the residues such as adulterants, pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics, and hormones.
However, to be completely pure and fresh, the milk needs to be obtained from the farm which has complete control over their desi cows’ health, feed, and production of the milk. However, if the milk has been gathered from several farms, it is much difficult to maintain a particular level of quality as well as the standards.

Innovation and Technology

The primary key in the production of the milk is the ways cows nurtured and fed. The farms which are producing the desi cow milk mainly are characterized by the utilization of the technology allowing the use of the milking machines, a system to track the health of cows, fodder choppers, and chilling units. Moreover, the animals reared in the clean, stress-free environment, and undergo the daily checkups. However, the milk remains untouched via human hands and completely chilled until it reached the doorstep of the customers.

Desi Cow V/S Ordinary Milk

Generally, it has been accepted that the milk obtained from the desi cows is much healthier, but there is just another element that proves to be a highly crucial factor. The main ingredient is the cow breed. The large part of the milk produced in India by various farms from the HF cows as well as desi cows. The ordinary cows are popular to produce more milk compared to pure Indian breed, which produces desi milk. Traditionally, the desi milk created from the cows who have a hump and have some medicinal values.

Nuts and Bolts in Desi Cow Milk

So, what is the primary difference between desi and a1 cow milk? Well, the answer casein found in both of the milk. The milk has been made up of the casein and whey from which beta-casein is one of the main kinds of protein available in milk. The beta-casein is mainly a chain of 209 amino acids, and the beta-casein of the A1 milk contains histidine which facilitates the formation of BCM7 at the time of digestion. Desi milk has proline, which does not promote the creation of BCM7. The latter does not consume well by the body of humans, which can become the leading cause of the health concern.

The outcomes as per the health advantages of desi cow Vs Ordinary cow milk divided and inconclusive. Some of the researches show that desi cow milk or A2 milk means digested quickly and can prevent bloating. Despite being better for the immune system and complete brain development in children, desi milk is a healthier choice. Some other researchers found that as long as the cows, grass-fed and free-range and milk – fresh, genetic mutation of beta-casein does not matter. Well, the milk from the desi cow surely has several health benefits, but it ultimately depends on the body type of the individuals and the kind of food suits to them. Each of them in particular.

Is Desi cow milk Safe for Consumption?

Yes! The desi cows such as Gir, Sahiwal, Hariana, and other mainly found in India with the hump on their back. So does this mean that the foreign breeds produce toxic A1 milk? Well, there are various varieties of milk breeds around the world. Only some of the breeds have a high capacity of yielding the milk

Some of the health concern with BCM7

Type 1 Diabetes- Consumption of A1 milk daily can cause type-1 diabetes.

Heart Disease– Consuming foreign breed cows milk can cause adverse effects on heart health.
Autism- BCM7 in infants can cause the impaired ability to perform and plan the actions. However, various other human studies showing no evidence supports that it can develop autism.
The issue in Digestive System – If you are consuming A1 milk. Then it means that you can affect inflammation, gastrointestinal tract, and other digestive system issues.

Well, there is some of the evidence against the A1 milk but not enough to boycott it altogether. However, if you are someone who wants to be safe then, make sure to consume desi cow milk.
Human milk is entirely desi. This is the reason desi milk is best for the infants after the breastfeed. So, start consuming the desi cow milk. Start living a healthy and better life, which can help you to make a better person. A2 milk does not have any side effects or can not cause any disease. Moreover, it has several medicinal properties that help you to cure several diseases. Consume A2 milk and cure various diseases which cause by another dairy.


Desi cow milk is one of the most nutritious for individuals to consume several benefits for health. It is the healthiest dairy product that keeps an individual fit and fine. It can cure various diseases such as cure insomnia and better for humans prone to obesity. However, it can also prevent the headache, better for individuals who are lactose intolerance, and asthma. Including the desi in your regular diet will make you adapt to several health benefits. If you are not getting desi milk in your nearby shops. Then, explore DesiMoo and buy desi cow milk online which is completely pure as well as fresh.

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