Is Desi Cow Milk in Tetra Pack Safe for Consumption?

by in Desi cow milk September 11, 2019

The drinking of the milk is always a topic of debate- is it better for health? Does it cause any health issues or body fat? Is it better for allergic individuals? So, with this blog, let us highlight whether consumption of desi cow milk is safe or not. There is a considerable debate going on for consumption of tetra pack milk. The individuals nowadays are surrounded by some misconceptions that the milk is not suitable for adults or kids. Thus, they cannot consume it. But all the concepts are not right. The milk is a significant ingredient to be consumed in breakfast. This dairy product can be consumed in any form such as buttermilk, 

Myths About Tetra Pack Milk:

In India traditionally, there is a belief that milk in a tetra pack is not safe for consumption. There are several myths about the milk, but now is the time to bring the facts in front of everyone about the desi cow milk in the tetra pack. 

Myth1: Milk in Tetra Pack does not spoil as it has Preservatives 

It is the process of packaging which increases the shelf life of milk. There are not any preservatives been added to it, to keep it away from the spoiling. However, the milk is packed in these packs is exposed to a high temperature of around 138 for around 2-3 seconds or 75 Celsius for about 15-20 seconds. This procedure helps in removing the harmful bacteria spores and micro-organisms, that make milk completely safe to consume. However, the process is being followed by milk packaging in the hygienic environment that ensures milk will be safe for consumption for a long time without any preservatives. 

Myth 2: Desi Cow Milk in Tetra Pack Lacks Nutrition 

It is a myth that the milk in the tetra pack does not contain nutrients, but in fact loss of nutrients can happen when we boil the milk. Most of the individuals bring milk at home and simmer it or around 8-10 minutes. However, doing this damage all the bacteria and germs in the milk. Thus, boiling the milk for the long-time results in the loss of vitamin B mainly, B1, B2, and B12. The overboiling of the milk lessen down the protein content of the milk. 

Despite this, if the desi cow milk heated to the high temperature for some seconds. It can prevent the loss of the nutrients by killing all the bacteria that are dangerous for the human body. The tetra pack milk ensures that it gains all the nutritive value better than the milk packaged in another form. 

Myth 3: Milk in Tetra Packs Need Boiling

The desi cow milk packed in the tetra pack does not require boiling. However, boiling the milk reduces the water-soluble vitamins that it contains. However, it is highly time-consuming which can eat the primary resources. You can boil the milk for making coffee/tea. 

Some of the aseptic process which tetra pack milk contains:

  • Treatment as well as packing of the milk in the hygienic environment
  • Utilization of the pre-sterilized tetra cartons for the storage of milk
  • Ultra-High-Temperature Heating treatment (UHT) of milk

All these standard processes offer a conducive atmosphere for the milk to stay free of contamination, and safe to consume without any need to boil. If desired, it can be boiled but can be consumed. 

Myth 4: Milk in the tetra pack not suggested for kids

There is not anything wrong with the desi cow milk packed in the tetra pack. But as a fact, milk is available in this type of packaging mainly in the hygienic kind of milk available in the market. The milkman who delivers at your doorstep the milk packed in a tetra pack is contamination-free which delivers after milking from desi cows. 

Bear in mind, milk packed under the stringent process and sterilized condition after making it free from bacteria. Well, this could not be much better than this. Moreover, the desi cow milk in the tetra pack is entirely safe and retains all nutrition value which means that it is perfect for the adults and kids in the family.  

The desi cow milk in a tetra pack is better for several things:

  • Better to use as well as store
  • More shelf life
  • Not any adulteration 
  • Can use without boiling 
  • Portable 
  • Not any added preservatives 
  • Cost-effective

Myth 5: Inferior material utilized in the pack is a health hazard

This is just a misconception, for the materials which are within parameters of some safety standards. Thus, the tetra pack mainly carries consumable products made up of food-grade materials. The tetra pack is an ideal packaging to keep milk safe from curdling. 

Why Tetra Pack for Desi Cow Milk?

The main motive of the tetra pack is to offer and promote what is good for the consumers. The purpose and aim of the companies include such a process of packaging to keep food safe by retaining its nutritional value as well as quality. 

Where to get the best brand Tetra pack desi cow milk Online?

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