Is Lactose Intolerance Found in Kids?

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It is highly tough to recognize if your child or baby has some symptoms of the lactose intolerance or suffering from any milk allergy.

Well, this blog will surely help the parent to learn about the common symptoms, treatment, and diagnosis for the lactose intolerance.

Is lactose Intolerance Identical as Milk Allergy ?

The milk allergies got disappeared while in the first year of life while the digestive system of the baby is immature. The lactose intolerance gets started in the adolescence or childhood but become noticeable in adulthood.

No there are several parents who get confused with terms of milk allergy and lactose intolerance. While its symptoms may be similar, they are two different conditions. Thus, it is a digestive issue beside milk allergy incorporate the immune system. Thus, as lactose intolerance can cause quite a few discomforts but, it does not originate any life intimidating response like anaphylaxis

What is lactose?

The lactose is a type of sugar available in the food which kids love such as milk and dairy products. Lactase enzyme, located in the small intestine, the organ where most of the digestion of food and nutrient absorption occurs, breaks down lactose. When an individual consumes lactose, it gets broken down in two kinds of sugar: glucose and galactose. Thus, the body got these sugar in the intestine. When there is a decrease in the amount of loss of the enzyme lactase, we cannot break down or digest lactose. Lactose that is not absorbed can cause symptoms, which is called intolerance.

Which other food than milk contains lactose?

The lactose is available in several products of our diet as well as medications. You can check the ingredients on the labels and the nutritional information of the food to discover possible sources of lactose in the different products. If any of the following words appear on the name of a meal, the product contains lactose:

What are some of the main symptoms of lactose intolerance?

The indications of this disease generally depend on the quantity of lactose consumed. So, the more your child will consume lactose, the more symptoms he is going to experience. The symptoms of lactose intolerance can occur from minutes to hours after having taken milk or ingested dairy products and can vary from mild to severe depending on the amount consumed and the amount tolerated. Some of the symptoms you should be aware of are the following:

  • Sickness
  • Abdominal pain, cramps, and swelling
  • Soft stool and gases
  • Aqueous diarrhoea with gases

How to corroborate Lactose Intolerance?

The initial way to check that your kid is having an issue in digesting lactose is to cut down every dairy products from your child diet for about 2 weeks and check if symptoms improved. After two weeks, initiate giving your kid with the food in a small amount and test out if symptoms recur. Moreover, you can visit a paediatrician who can check if your kid does not tolerate lactose with a test names breath hydrogen.

Can babies have lactose intolerance?

The lactose intolerance is not common among the infants and mainly start to appear after 3 years in children. However, every kid is born up with the lactase in the intestines and if they grow the amount of lactase enzyme reduced.

The babies who are precipitately born are liable to have a category of lactose intolerance known as developmental lactase deficiency. Well, this situation mostly lasts in a short time after birth. However, most premature babies will be able to consume infant formula (formula) containing lactose and breast milk.

Inherited lactase deficiency is a sporadic disorder in which babies cannot break down the lactose present in breast or infant formula. The inherited genes can be caused by this disorder via their parents. This kind of intolerance causes severe diarrhoea and if it’s not fed with a method for lactose-free kids, these kids can experience weight loss and dehydration.

Is it safe for a mother to breastfeed her baby if she has lactose intolerance?

It is entirely safe to breastfeed your baby if you have lactose intolerance. Thus, breastfeeding does not cause your baby to be at a higher risk of the disease and has essential health benefits for your baby.

How can my child consume enough calcium in his diet if the amount of milk or lactose is reduced?

If your kid is suffering from lactose intolerance, you can consume lactose-free dairy products such as cheese, milk, and yoghurt. These products are an excellent source of the protein. Moreover, your kid can take calcium from vegetables like spinach, kale, broccoli, fish, legumes, and And juice with calcium. If you think your child does not consume enough calcium, talk to your paediatrician to start giving him a calcium supplement.

How to Diagnose Lactose Intolerance?

Your paediatrician will ask about family and food-related medical history to help diagnose your child’s or baby’s lactose intolerance. At the time of conversation, he will identify your kid symptoms with you. In some cases, a breath hydrogen test performs to detect this disease. For the diagnosis, your kid should breathe in a container which measures the level of the hydrogen in a breath before and after drinking a drink which contains an amount of lactose. Mainly, the small kind of hydrogen identified in a breath when individual digests and ingests lactose. The increase in the level of hydrogen is considered with positive test result to identify lactose intolerance.

The paediatricians check the acidity in the stool of young and infants who are not able to perform properly. Presence of the glucose in the stool recognizes that there is some undigested lactose.

Is Desi Cow Milk suitable substitute for children with lactose intolerance?

There are several milk substitutes which the kids having lactose intolerance can consume. But, desi cow milk is one of the ideal and trendy alternatives. However, it is a perfect source of protein and calcium. So, it is completely safe for the kids suffering from a milk allergy to consume desi cow milk. Moreover, milk is a perfect source of calcium, and desi cow milk contains fewer calories and more proteins.


If your child is suffering from lactose intolerance. So, start giving them desi cow milk. Thus, you can avail of desi cow milk from DesiMoo. It is an ideal provider of farm-fresh desi cow milk at reasonable prices.

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