Key Benefits of Lactose-Free Desi Cow Milk by DesiMoo

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Now you don’t have to be shy while talking about the desi cow milk. Do you know desi cow milk is lactose-free? 

Do you know its amazing benefits? No, then this blog will highlight the primary benefits of lactose-free desi cow milk for the individuals who are lactose intolerant. 

What is lactose Intolerant?

Being a lactose-intolerant individual means that you have to say no to the whole milk if you don’t want to spend your day in the washroom. Well, the struggle is entirely genuine irritation being caused by regular milk consumption by individuals who are lactose intolerant. Do you know what lactose is? Lactose is a type of sugar generally available in the regular cow milk. The sugar is highly tough to be digested by the lactose intolerant individuals. It is not an allergy but, the body that lacks of sufficient amount of the digestive enzyme, named lactase which is utilized to break down the lactose. Thus, the lactose which passes via gastrointestinal tract unaltered in customers with intolerance. Whenever the body is not able to digest lactose, gut bacteria use it by releasing lactic acid and gas, which in the future causes the cramping and bloating. 

What is Desi cow Milk?

The desi cow milk is the milk of cow churned from the desi cows, which has a hump and long dewlap. This milk contains A2 beta-casein Protein which is healthier for the body of humans. But, the regular cow milk contains A1 protein which is bad for the individuals to consume. A2 protein in desi milk makes this milk a better and nutritional and healthy choice for the individuals. The desi milk from the desi cow is entirely natural and contains micro and macronutrients. However, desi cows are grass-fed, and their milk contains omega 3 and omega 6 content and other antioxidants. Additionally, this milk is an alternative to mother’s milk as it contains colostrums. 

Benefits of Lactose-Free Desi Cow Milk 

The desi cow such as Gir, Hariana, Rathi, and Sahiwal produces lactose-free milk. This milk contains the same amount of mineral and vitamins of regular milk but not have lactose. 

Here are some essential critical benefits of Lactose-free cow milk:

Ease the Digestion

While talking about the intolerant individuals, it means that these individuals digestive tract does not make much enzyme lactase. The main work of this enzyme is to break down the lactose into glucose and galactose for the absorption. Without having adequate lactase, it is tough to digest the lactose. As a result, the digestive system causes and reacts diarrhea, indigestion, and bloating. The carbohydrate in the regular cow milk comes up from lactose, but the desi cow milk is actually lactose-free, and it has lactase. This makes it entirely safe for individuals to consume without getting worried about any discomfort or issue. 

Good for Bones

The desi milk contains the same amount of vitamin D and calcium as the mother’s milk which helps in making the bones stronger. Thus, consuming one cup of this milk helps the body meet around 30% of daily calcium intake, and 25% of about vitamin D. The calcium is one of the essential minerals for our bones, and Vitamin D helps in absorbing it. Thus, the consumption of this mineral and vitamin-rich food enhances the strength of bone and lessens down the risk of osteoporosis. 

Makes the Heart Healthy 

This dairy product indulges all the essential minerals which help to reduce the blood pressure. Additionally, it keeps teeth and bones stronger. However, calcium aids in regulating blood pressure in the body. The milk is rich in potassium which lowers blood pressure by reducing sodium levels.

Complete Protein Dose

One cup of the desi cows milk means that you intake 8 grams of protein. So, this means that it offers every essential amino acid being needed by the body. The protein plays a pivotal role in building hair, skin, muscles, and bones. However, it is an incredible addition to an individual’s daily diet, which makes healthier and stronger without causing any irritation and discomfort. 

Little Sweeter

As compared to the other kind of regular cow milk, desi milk has been a little sweeter. If you enjoy drinking fresh milk, then you will surely love lactose free milk from the regular cow milk. The enzymatic process mainly removes the lactose and creates the glucose and provides it with a simple touch of sweetness. You don’t need to add any other extra sugar when you consume this dairy product in your breakfast or after dinner. 

Contains Medicinal Properties

Desi cow milk is highly healthy than regular cow milk. This dairy product contains several medicinal properties. Moreover, it provides several healing ad curing advantages against various diseases. But, the milk been obtained from the HF cows does not have any medicinal values and perfect for the health of humans. 

Additional Benefits of Cow Milk 

  • Provides a high level of A2 beta-casein protein
  • Essential to growing healthy bones as well as teeth
  • Offers healthy fat for the energy and growth
  • Reduces the risk of blood pressure and diabetes
  • It does not contain any harmful chemicals and keep kids away from the diseases
  • Contains essential vitamin A and B perfect for children
  • Cures the decay of the tooth in toddlers
  • Helps in maintaining the weight of individual

Why Select DesiMoo for Desi cow Milk?

The DesiMoo is a desi cow milk provider company based out in Jhajjar Haryana. Moreover, the journey of the company mainly starts with the intent of providing natural desi cow milk and other products of milk. We aim to offer healthy and creamy milk with a range of selective desi cows. The milk offered by us is free from all kinds of chemicals and preservatives. Thus, including this milk in your diet regularly make help individuals adsorb several benefits of health. So, do not worry if you are not getting this milk offline. Browse DesiMoo and avail pure and fresh cow milk at your doorstep.  

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