Our Farm


Close to Jhajjar in Haryana, our farms extend all across the attractive part of land where there is a home for various Gir cows. Moreover, in this cow’s home, we have formulated each & every effort which helps in recreate all the essential conditions for the cows to better reproduce and provide milk naturally. Desimoo raises cows sensibly as their own. The milk produced here is healthy and packed with a bunch of essential nutrients. Every single sip of Desi Milk produced here with the help of A2 milk offered by Desi cows.


At Desimoo Farming, we have made the proper ceiling sheds for our loving cows. All the sheds are featured with proper flow of air in them. In addition, we keep large fans to keep our cows chill and relaxing. The fans help our cows to get through mood swings. All our sheds are spacious as well as luxurious. There is a message counter in each shed. In spite of all this, we take special measures to ensure the complete safety and cleanliness of our cows that include automatic taps. According to us, mother should not be separated from her kids. And, we strictly rely on this. 


  • Usual milking procedure

We strictly follow the automated milking procedure, which is applicable for all our cows. And, with this process the pure Desi milk is collected without any kind of impure touch of human being.  

  • Cooled at 4 degrees Celsius
We provide the accurate amount of cooling that milk actually needs. Our cooling temperature is 4 degrees Celsius, so that, our milk becomes fresh and nutritious.

At Desimoo Farming, we value our customers as well as environment. Being a dairy product provider, our aim is to offer smarter packaging solutions to our customers. Our milk is packed in tetra pack which is not only durable, recyclable, and cost-effective, but they utilize less water and energy and release less greenhouse gases. Our tetra pak ensure no-leak seal and our team pours milk in it through spout. Our packaging solutions are ideal to stock dairy products and do not produce any waste.