The Effects of Desi Cow Milk

by in Desi cow milk February 20, 2020

If you feel frustrated, you can relax with a glass of Desi Cow Milk. This is because the calcium contained in milk calms the mind with parasympathetic nerves. Introducing Desi Cow Milk nutrition, amazing effects, and benefits.

Desi Cow Milk Makes Us Healthy

When you hear “milk”, do you miss breakfast time when you were a child?

Milk with clear taste likes and dislikes should be said to be “drink milk every day” by teachers and mothers, as height would grow quickly or to drink when irritated.

This time, we will delve deeper into the nutrition of milk that works nicely, such as supplementing the calcium that makes up the bones of our body and expecting a diet effect just by drinking before eating rice.

Desi Cow Milk Nutrients

According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the recommended daily calcium amount is 650 mg for women aged 15 and over, 800 mg for men aged 15 to 29, 650 mg for men aged 30 to 49, and 700 mg for men aged 50 and over It has become.

One cup of milk “milk” squeezed from cows contains 220 mg of calcium, which covers about one-third of the daily calcium intake, except for men aged 15 to 29 years.

Functions of Calcium & Other Nutrients

Calcium, which is apt to be deficient in modern people, is one of the important nutrients that make bones and teeth and can be expected to be effective in eliminating irritation. In addition, abundant proteins essential for making muscle, skin, nails, and hair support the growth hormone function.

In addition, abundant B vitamins such as vitamins B1, B2, B6, and B12 break down carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins in the body, helping to generate energy.

It is no exaggeration to say that milk is the key to a healthy life. Let’s drink positively.

Desi Cow Milk’s Effects of Skin

Vitamin A contained in milk is involved in the function of protecting the skin and mucous membranes and creating epithelial cells. In addition, since the vitamin B group introduced above is involved in energy metabolism when the metabolism is activated, the skin becomes brighter and a skin-beautifying effect can be expected.

Collagen is important for maintaining beautiful skin, but it is made up of protein. Animal protein in milk is a nutrient necessary to maintain beautiful skin.

Diet Effects Of Desi Cow Milk

If you drink a glass (200ml) of milk before a meal, you can also expect a diet effect. Drinking high-fat milk stimulates your brain’s satiety center and fills your stomach for satisfaction.

It is easy to get satisfaction even with a small number of meals, so you can avoid eating sweets such as potatoes and cakes after eating, and you can reduce the calorie intake once.

Desi Cow Milk Helps Makes Our Bones Strong

Most familiar health benefits are due to the abundant calcium in milk. Calcium has the function of creating new bone and tooth cells, and the action of nerves and hormones to stabilize the mind and calm the irritability.

200ml of milk contains about 230mg of calcium, and its absorption rate is 50%. Milk’s calcium absorption rate is considerably better than 30% for small fish and 18% for soy products and vegetables. This is because the components of milk “lactose” and “ casein phosphopeptide” help to absorb calcium.

Desi Cow Milk Prevents Anemia

A protein called “ lactoferrin ” contained in milk is said to be able to prevent anemia because it binds firmly to iron and enhances absorption.

In addition, it has various functions such as promoting the degradation of fat, preventing infection by antibacterial and antiviral effects, improving immunity, and improving the intestinal environment. Lactoferrin is also famous for being contained in breast milk, and there is an alias for “multifunctional protein”.

Cold prevention

Milk is rich in vitamin A, a nutrient that prevents colds. When a virus such as a cold tries to enter the body, the mucous membrane of the nose and throat tries to prevent it, but vitamin A has an action to keep this mucous membrane healthy.

It is also known to prevent aging in the body because it has an antioxidant effect. Another reason why milk is good for the prevention of colds is the abundance of high-quality proteins necessary to build a strong body.

Type of People Who Must Drink Milk

Milk is recommended for children and pregnant women to obtain the calcium that makes bones and the proteins that make up the body. There was also a time when school meals were required to consume 200ml of milk as a necessary nutrient for the day. The “School Feeding Standards” enforced in 2009 encourages the intake of calcium target values ​​and encourages the active use of milk, milk for cooking, and dairy products.

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare recommend milk for calcium intake during pregnancy. According to the “Meal Balance Guide for Pregnant Women”, the goal is to take milk and dairy products a day during the early to mid-term and three during the latter half. Since the amount of bone loss also occurs during the lactation period after delivery, the goal is to consume the same amount as in the late pregnancy period.

Dairy products such as milk and yogurt are recommended as foods that can be efficiently consumed with calcium. On the other hand, in order to avoid unbalanced eating habits, various foods are introduced to encourage the achievement of the calcium target value.


It is important to drink the appropriate amount of milk in consideration of the balance of the diet. The common point in most theories is that “too much milk is not allowed”. Even if it is food that is considered to be healthy, eating too much can be harmful. Let’s be careful not to have a biased diet to avoid various risks. DesiMoo brings this amazing milk product for a healthier lifestyle, suitable for every person.

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