What are the Nutritional Facts of Desi Cow Milk?

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It is a predictable fact that desi cow milk is the unsurpassed basis of calcium and vitamin D. The pure and fresh milk of the cow is perfect to balance your snack and meal. Moreover, the nutritional facts of desi cow milk are many if you choose to purchase it from the best company. This is the reason individuals search for the companies which provide the best kind of desi cow milk and take good care of their cows. The desi cow milk is obtained from the cows, which contains essential calories, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

Advantages of Desi Cow Milk Consumption

The dairy products are considered to be more nutritious. As the dairy products incorporate several types of vitamins as well as minerals. Consumption of the desi cow milk can result in improving bone health, mainly in young individuals, which can be attributed to calcium content. Moreover, the nutritional facts of desi cow milk go beyond nutrients such as calcium. The desi cow milk is incorporated with antioxidants, beneficial ingredients, and bioactive peptides. All these components available in the milk of the desi cow can regulates the function of the digestive impact and directly impacts the gut microbiome and modulates the immune system. Moreover, this type of milk can control cholesterol and decreases blood pressure.

Nutritional Facts of Desi Cow Milk or A2 Milk

Since ancient times, due to the nutrition available in the A2 milk, desi cow milk considered the best milk for the brain booster and physical health of an individual. Nowadays, the individuals who are health-conscious individuals prefer A2 milk rather than regular milk as the desi cow milk is pure and churned from indigenous cow breeds. The best nutritional fact of the A2 milk is that it is easy to be digested and individuals made it as the first choice for drinking. The desi cow milk has colostrum, which is available in the mother milk. Thus, you can say that A2 milk is an alternative option for mother’s milk.

Nutritional Facts of Desi Cow Milk: Know Why A2 milk is necessary for the body?

Here are several nutritional facts of desi cow milk values of A2 milk:


It is an imperative constituent for the body of humans. The phosphorus helps in the formation of bones and offers the strength of the teeth and bone. Moreover, it plays a vital role in digestion, protein formation, balancing the hormones, and the use of nutrients. The A2 milk has phosphorous, which assists in the proper waste release from the kidney during the process of excretion and urination. So, if you want to keep your kidney healthy, start consuming A2 milk, and stay fit.


Desi cow milk is an excellent source of calcium. So, if you want to keep your bone active as well healthy, then do not ignore cow milk and make sure to include it in the diet. Do you know why calcium is imperative? If there is a lack of calcium in your body, then it may weaken your bones. If your body does not get the desired calcium, then, the body starts taking calcium from bones for cell functioning, and it results in weakening your bones. The calcium is highly beneficial for the overall health of the individual. Moreover, every cell in the body makes use of calcium such as muscles, nervous system, bone, and heart. However, our bones store the calcium to provide complete support to our bodies.


The magnesium present is another nutritional facts of desi cow milk that plays several imperative roles in body functioning. They are:

  • Maintains the nerve as well as muscle function
  • Supports the healthy immune system
  • Keep the human bones strong
  • Keep the heartbeat steady
  • Magnesium regulates the level of glucose and helps in the production of protein and energy.


Desi cow milk is a rich source of protein. The protein provides energy to the body of a human and assists in the repair of the muscle tissue. Thus, keeping the protein in your diet supplies the energy to the body the whole day, and you will not be feeling stressed or tired. Therefore, include desi cow milk in your diet regularly and see results. The A2 beta-casein protein is available in A2 milk, which is better for the human body. Moreover, A2 milk is better for the regeneration of muscles in the body.


Humans cannot imagine their good health without the consumption of vitamins. Vitamin assists in the functioning of several body functioning. Moreover, desi cow milk provides vitamin:

  • Vitamin A: Better for human eyesight as well as immune function
  • Vitamin B12: Assists in the production of healthy cells in the body
  • Folate: It helps in the creation of the battery of the body
  • Riboflavin: Also known as Vitamin B2 which assist in glowing the skin
  • Zinc: The desi cow milk can supply the zinc needed for your body. The Zinc assists in keeping the immune system of the body strong

Protein in Desi cow Milk

The desi cow milk has A2 beta-casein protein. Moreover, the protein divided into two types of casein protein and whey protein. The soluble protein in milk recognizes as whey protein, while an insoluble protein called casein.

Well, both of the types of protein recognize to be of high quality, having a superior proportion of amino acid and excellent digestibility.

Casein Protein

The desi cow milk contains 80% of the A2 beta-casein protein. So, the imperative property of this kind of protein is that it increases the absorption of minerals like phosphorous and calcium. Moreover, it also promotes and lowers down the blood pressure. The A2 beta-casein protein can cure Type-1 diabetes.


The desi cow milk from DesiMoo is accurately what the toddlers as well as adults required. As milk offered by them is entirely fresh and pure and contains essential nutrients. Are you confused about which milk to select for your family? Then, make sure to choose the desi cow milk offered by DesiMoo as they are passionate about providing the best kind of A2 milk which strengthens and prevents everyone in your family.

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