What is A2 Milk? Why choose DesiMoo’s A2 milk?

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Have you heard about A2 milk?

No, then this blog is for you. In this blog, I will be discussing A2 milk, its benefits, how it is different from A1 milk, and nutrients available in desi milk. Also, I will be talking about DesiMoo Company, which is the provider of A2 milk and other dairy products.

So, let’s start with the blog.

Initially, I will start with what is milk.

Milk is a white liquid obtained from mammals. Moreover, mammals include humans who produce milk to feed their babies until they start eating solid food.  Milk has valuable nutrients, and various health benefits such as it can prevent osteoporosis.

Some individuals cannot digest lactose, which is the sugar found in milk. If you have a concern about milk allergies and lactose intolerance, there is substitute milk called A2 milk available in the market.

So, let’s get started with desi cow milk introduction!

What is A2 Milk?

A2 milk is cow milk obtained from Desi cows that has a hump on their back. Moreover, desi cow milk includes A2 beta protein, which makes the milk healthy and nutritional as compared to regular cow’s milk, which has A1 protein.

However, desi cow milk is entirely natural with micro and macronutrients. Grass-fed cows produce it with a high content of omega 6 and 3, antioxidants beta carotene and minerals.

Desi cow milk is free from additive and completely natural produced by local Indian cows. However, the cow’s breed that produces A2 milk includes Gir, Rathi, Sahiwal, Brahman, Red Sindhi, Arvin East, Tharparkar, and Kangeyam. Identically, A2 milk is whole dairy milk natural and free from all preservatives. 

Why consume Desi Cow Milk?

Well, there are two kinds of milk produced by cows, which involves A1 milk and A2 milk. A2 is also known as desi cow milk removes digestive comfort and improves complete health and nutritional value. The studies have shown that desi cow milk is healthier than A1 milk. Also, drinking A2 milk can cause risk of type 1 diabetes.

A2 milk is organic milk and an alternative to industrial milk, which contains antibiotics and stress hormones. Identically, desi cow milk is healthy and free of chemicals.

A1 milk is obtained from foreign cow breeds such as Ayrshire, Holstein, and Friesian and contains A1 protein, Morphine 7. BCM-7, and BCM-7 which are dangerous for human health. However, all these chemical residents found in A1 milk can cause digestive issues, stomach ache, bloating and inflammation.

What is the dissimilarity among A1 milk and A2 milk?

The main difference between regular milk and desi milk is the protein, i.e., ß-casein protein. Instantly, there are two kinds of ß-casein such as A1 and A2. Moreover, this ß-casein comprises of 209 amino acid, and A1 and A2 differ by one amino acid. Moreover, desi cow milk does not enclose A1 beta-casein.

A1 Milk A2 Milk 
Obtained from foreign cows like
Holstein and Ayrshire
Obtained from Desi cows like Gir, instead, and Sahiwal, Gir, Rathi, Red Sindhi, Arvin East, Tharparkar, and Kangeyam.
Contains A1 beta-casein
Contains A2 beta-casein protein
Causes Type 1 diabetes   Cure type 1 diabetes
Not easy to digest and causes
gastro  issues   
Easy to digest
Can cause heart diseases as
well as high blood pressure 
It helps in making heart-healthy and maintains the level of cholesterol
Not suitable for kids and
The best alternative for infants.

Do you what is casein?

Now, let’s discuss casein, which is present in milk.

Casein is the most abundant protein found in milk. However, there are different kinds of casein available in milk. But beta-casein is the most common kind of casein available in various forms. The standard form of beta-casein is:

  • A1 Beta Casein: This casein is in the milk obtained from the ordinary cows found in northern Europe.
  • A2 Beta Casein: This kind of casein is available found in the milk obtained from desi cow breeds.

The regular milk comprised of both A1 and A2 casein, but A2 milk only has A2 beta-casein. Studies show that A1 beta-casein is highly harmful land A2 is better and healthier choice.

Nutrients Present in A2 Milk


Three essential minerals present in A2 milk:

  • First is calcium, which is necessary to be strong bones and teeth.  Also, it is better for the functioning of muscle and blood pressure
  • Similarly, second is phosphorous which helps in the production of proteins for tissue and cell growth
  • Potassium is the last mineral for the functioning of body organs, cells, and tissues. Moreover, it helps in regulating blood temperature

Vitamins enclosed in Desi cow milk are:

  • Enclose Vitamin D which helps to get phosphorous and calcium which are necessary for bones and teeth
  • Enclose with vitamin A which is essential for vision and immunity
  • Has vitamin B12 which is crucial for red blood cell
  • It contains Vitamin B2 which helps in converting food into energy.


Desi cow milk is the best source for getting A2 beta-casein protein

Health Benefits of A2 Milk

However, desi cow milk is one of the most demanded nutritional liquid on earth.  However, A2 milk is high in vitamin B, Vitamin D, protein, minerals, antioxidants and organic compounds which affects and encourages the body in several types.

So, now let’s have a detailed look at some health benefits of desi cow milk:

Strengthens Teeth and Bones

Drinking desi cow milk means maintaining bone health. However, desi cow milk helps to build strong bones due to the high content of calcium and other necessary minerals. Moreover, proteins are also available, which makes it essential for diet and thus keeps bones and teeth healthy. With the age density of bone mineral increases so drinking milk strengthens bones.

A2 Milk Helps in Weight Loss

Meanwhile, research shows that desi cow milk helps in weight loss. It can quench hunger due to the presence of high protein along with low calories level. Due to the availability of proteins and metabolic boosting, it provides energy and saves from having an inactive lifestyle. However, excessive metabolism results in weight loss.

Improve Heart Health

As we know desi cow contains a high content of Omega 3 fat in their milk.  Moreover, this also depends on where it grazes. However, the omega-3 fatty acid is an excellent form of cholesterol. Moreover, it can improve heart health and other conditions like strokes or heart attacks.

Prevent Diabetes

A2 milk contains vitamin B and other necessary minerals which helps in the metabolism of the body to run correctly and process food usually. Also, it regulates the insulin level and glucose. Thus maintaining blood sugar levels prevent diabetes to a large extent.

A2 Milk Boost Immunity

Desi milk has a large amount of protein and calcium. Also have antioxidants such as selenium, zinc, and vitamin E. However, consumption of A2 milk can improve immunity and protect against all diseases. Also, it enhances the appearance of the skin.

Why Choose DesiMoo A2 Milk?

DesiMoo is a dairy products provider company situated in Jhajjar, Haryana.  However, the journey of DesiMoo starts with the intent of offering superior quality desi cow milk and dairy products obtained from Indian breed cows. Moreover, we deliver 100% pure, healthy and nutrient-rich A2 from selective cows breeds raised with proper care and nourishment. Moreover, we are known for providing fresh desi milk. Thus, desi cow milk supplied by us is entirely free from all harmful preservatives.

At Company, we have different indigenous desi cow breeds such as Sahiwal, Rathi and Gir cows. Thus, individuals can avail organic milk from them at your doorstep. 

DesiMoo believes that only healthier cows produce fresh milk. It is the reason we feed cows with fresh fodder and also kept them in a clean environment. Thus, buying desi cow milk from DesiMoo means receiving raw and pure milk at your doorway. Meanwhile, we follow industry-standard to maintain hygiene and quality control.

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