Which Type of Protein is Found in Desi Cow Milk?

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Since ages, desi cow milk has always been the part of Indian’s diet. The ancestors know the protein in milk nutritional and spiritual values. But do you know there are two kinds of cows? First is desi cows and the other is jersey cows. So, both the cows contain protein A1 protein or A2 protein.

Desi cow milk is a complete diet which most of the individuals of every age drink. It is an ideal source of protein as well as calcium. There are several elements available in the desi cow milk such as fat, lactose, and other minerals.

Do you know the kind of protein available in the milk? Well, the protein is of two types of casein protein and whey protein.

Again there are two kinds of casein protein beta-casein protein and alpha casein protein. The beta-casein protein is still divided into two types a1 beta-casein and a2 beta-casein. However a1 beta-casein is available in the Jersey cow milk, and A2 beta-casein protein is available in desi cow milk. But do you know which kind of protein is nutritious for the body? If not, let us discuss this blog!

What is Desi Cow Milk & Jersey Cow Milk?

Milk is an ideal source to intake protein. But, there are two significant kinds of milk protein. Due to the 1000 years of genetic mutations, there are around 12 several kinds of variations of beta-casein. Thus, whenever the individuals talk about the jersey milk or desi milk, it means they are referring to beta-casein protein it has.

Well, there are several cows breeds found around the world. Some of the kinds produce A1 milk, and the other produces desi milk.


The caseins are phosphoproteins that contain around 80% of the complete protein content of milk. It is made up of quite a lot of components, but the foremost kind of casein are alpha s1 casein, alpha s2 casein, beta-casein, and kappa casein. The desi cow milk beta-casein protein which provides various health benefits.

Beta Casein Protein

The beta-casein is the most polymorphic protein with several variants. The main variants of the desi cow bred includes A1, A2, A3, A4, B,C,D,E,F,H1,H2,I,G. The composition of the beta-casein of the milk product has become an essential economic trait.

History of A1 and A2 Beta Casein

The interest is the difference among A1, and A2 beta-casein protein just started in the early 1990s through epidemiological research and animal studies conducted by the scientists in New Zealand who find the correlations among the occurrence of several chronic diseases. The investigation on this subject continues to rise among science, media, and entrepreneurs.

Types of Cow Milk: Desi Cow Milk and HF Cow Milk

Are you aware of various kinds of cows available in India? Then, there are two types of milk of cow available in the market one is desi cow milk and the other one is HF cow milk. The hf cow milk is obtained from the foreign breed cows, and desi cow milk is churned from the indigenous cow breeds. But both types of milk have their benefits, but the desi milk is one of the best free from all preservatives and contamination. Moreover, HF cows include Holstein, Ayrshire, and other foreign breeds. But the indigenous cow breeds include Tharparkar, Rathi, and Hariana.

Advantages of Desi Cow Milk in India

The desi cow milk is pure milk with a mixture of micro and macronutrients. Thus, this milk is entirely natural and free from all additives, which are the primary reason that it tastes refreshing. However, this milk cleanses our stomach and detoxifies the body completely. The A2 beta-casein protein available in this milk is much healthier for the collection of humans.

As the presence of the A2 protein, this milk can cure several diseases like Type-1 diabetes, heart diseases, and others. Meanwhile, desi milk can reduce digestive comfort and enhances the health and nutritional value. Several types of research show that HF cows milk can result in Type-1 diabetes in humans, but the other can eliminate this disease.

Some other Advantages of desi cow milk

The milk of the desi cow has the right amount of protein which is required for the body of humans. With the presence of A2 beta-casein protein, there are various other which incorporate highly useful vitamins.

The desi cow milk contains Riboflavin or Vitamin B2, which are highly crucial for taking energy in the body and full functioning of the circulatory system. However, the milk also contains vitamin B12, which is essential for the growth of red blood cells and helps in the operation of the nerve cells. Additionally, iodine is available in the milk, which is necessary for seamless thyroid gland functioning.

The other content is vitamin A which protects the body from several infections like cold, arthritis, and others.

Individual Benefits for Desi Cow Milk

If the desi cows are fed on the organic fodder, they are mainly to produce pure and natural milk. However, if the desi cows are not injected with any antibiotics, then they churned natural milk. The grass on which these cows are fed has not been sprayed with any pesticides or fertilizers. The main benefits of this cow have lain in the truth that humans who drink this milk can be protected from all harmful chemicals in the milk.

However, there are other additional benefits such as omega 3, vitamin E, and other material which are essential to fight infections and protect heart diseases.


The milk of the indigenous cow breed is best to be consumed. However, if you drink this milk, you might get various health benefits. If you want to buy desi cow milk then, contact DesiMoo. We are of the best desi milk provider in India which contains A2 beta-casein protein. Purchase desi milk online from us online and make yourself healthy. Our milk is free from all the preservatives and all kinds of additives so it will keep you away from all diseases.

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