Why A2 Milk is Necessary For Kids?

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The first food that your baby consumes is breast milk. As, this milk contains essential nutrients, antibodies and several other things which assist in the mental and physical development of children. Moreover, they weaned off later and started having solid food. A2 milk is a better alternative to breast milk for kids.

So your kid has stopped consuming breast milk? Is it still important for your kid to drink milk?

Then, continue reading the whole post and check out the benefits of milk and why it is essential to include in the diet of your kid?

Well, there are several kinds of milk available in the market today. So, are you perplexed which milk can be beneficial for your kid? Then, consider reading the whole blog. In this blog, I have discussed why milk is essential to include in the diet of a kid?

Why kids Require A2 milk?

For an infant till 12 months, it is vital to get nursed from mother’s milk. But after that, including milk in the diet does not need to be stopped as they can eat solid food. So, the consumption of milk for kids is essential to get essential nutrients. For instance, carbohydrates and fats provide energy, and protein is necessary for the growth of kid, vitamins help in fighting against infections and other things.

But being a mother, you need to be cautious about the presence of lactose, which is sugar present in milk as it can cause bloating and diarrhea. Several studies show that kids who include fluid in the diet are healthier than kids who do not drink milk. So, are you thinking about what kind of milk you can give to your kid?

Then, cow milk is the ideal option. Cow milk contains better-balanced fats as well as carbohydrates that make it a complete meal for kids. Desi cow’s milk is the best food for kids above 12 months as milk of cow has superior quality protein as well as essential amino acids.

Read the blog below and check all the health benefits of A2 milk and acknowledge the right quantity which kids need to consume.

Health Benefits of Consuming A2 milk

Consuming desi cow milk provides several health benefits to kids. Desi cow milk not only makes bones of the child active and healthy but also assists in the complete development and growth. So, drinking A2 milk helps kids to maintain full health. Below are some health benefits of drinking A2 milk for kids:


  • A2 milk is one of the best sources for your kid to get calcium. Some of the benefits of having calcium in the body:
  • A2 milk keeps kid bones strong and healthy and also secure bone loss.
  • Helps to prevent headache and even migraine attacks which calcium deficiency kids experience.
  • Prevents childhood obesity of kids and help kids to reduce excessive fat from the body
  • Highly vital for kid’s dental health
  • Furthermore, regular consumption of the recommended amount of calcium assists in blood clotting and makes your kid nerve working in good condition
  • Assist in releasing hormones and other chemicals from the body of kids.
  • Helps the kid to squeeze and relax their muscles in a proper way

Vitamin D    

Meanwhile, consuming A2 milk means taking vitamin D in the body. Some of the benefits of vitamin D are:

  • Vitamin D helps to grow bones in the shape of your kid and reduces the chances of brittle bone in the coming future.
  • Helps to prevent kids from the inflammation. Vitamin D also improves the immense system of kids
  • Deficiency of vitamin D in kids can lead to several health conditions such as rickets in childhood or osteoporosis in future

Keeps Teeth Healthy

  • A2 milk contains phosphorus and calcium. Both are essential for kids tooth and dental development.
  • However, together phosphorous and calcium helps in maintaining the teeth health of kids
  • Desi cow milk has the availability of highly essential protein I,e, A2 beta-casein protein. Furthermore, this casein assists to form a thin film on kids teeth enamel and helps to secure phosphate and calcium
  • Desi cow milk is vital when your kid teeth’s get exposed to acids available in mouth
  • Studies show that dentists recommend kids to drink A2 milk regularly as it helps to prevent tooth decay
  • Better for Blood Pressure Level
  • Consuming A2 milk assists kid to maintain blood pressure level.
  • Meanwhile, as per the studies, kids need to drink three portions of A2 milk regularly along with proper and healthy diet
  • Drinking desi cow milk with an intake of low salt keeps the blood pressure level of kids maintained

Keeps kid Hydrated

Every kid takes maximum fluids to stay hydrated.

  • Kids who consume A2 milk regularly can keep them hydrated
  • Desi cow milk is highly essential for kids who do the workout or other physical activity to rehydrate. Moreover, Drinking A2 milk makes body hydrated after a long hour of exercise.
  • Keeps Bones healthy
  • Milk is a better source of calcium. It is better for the development of stronger bones in kid’s structure
  • Drinking a glass of desi cow milk can help kids to avoid complex bone issues such as osteoporosis
  • Consuming desi cow milk allows kids to avoid the risk of bone fracture if he/she has a calcium deficiency.

Boost Heart Health

  • Consuming the right amount of desi cow milk prevents the risk of cardiovascular diseases
  • Researchers found that A2 milk consumption can avoid the risk of atherosclerosis as well as heart diseases
  • A2 milk contains potassium as well as magnesium which acts as vasodilators and standardize blood supply to essential organs of kid body
  • A2 milk has the availability of peptides slows down the process of ACEs which can boost the level of blood pressure
  • Provide Vital Vitamins and Minerals
  • Desi cow milk has the availability of essential minerals as well as vitamins which keeps kids active, strong and healthy
  • However, vitamins and minerals available in A2 milk are better for the eyesight of kids
  • A2 milk has carbohydrates which provide proper energy and secures kid from lethargy or tiredness
  • A2 milk contains proteins which assist in body growth and repair of kid

Nutritional Advantages of A2 Milk

Some other dietary benefits provided by desi cow milk are:

  • Vitamin D: Assists kids in enhancing the density of bone
  • Niacin: This kind of nutrient helps kids body to metabolize fatty acid and sugar
  • Vitamin A: This vitamin strengthens the vision and skin health of kids. However, this nutrient improves the immune system.
  • Riboflavin (Vitamin B2): This nutrient assists in converting the food into energy form
  • Protein: This nutrient acts as the best source of energy. Furthermore, it helps in building muscle tissues of kids
  • Vitamin B12: This kind of vitamin helps kids to maintain nerve tissue and keep red blood cells healthy

How much A2 milk should Kids Consume?

The amount of A2 milk which kids need to consume completely depends on various factors such as height, age, and whether the kid is lactose intolerant or not. Kids younger than 12 months need to avoid consuming animal’s milk and should depend on the mother’s milk. Below I have discussed the exact quantity of A2 milk which a kid needs to consume daily:

Ages: 1 to 2 years
  • Kids who reach the age of 1 year can start including A2 milk in their diet plan
  • The age group of kids among 1 to 2 years requires a high-fat diet for the development of a healthy brain. This age, a kid can consume 32 ounces or 4 cups of milk regularly
Ages: 2 to 8 Years
  • Kids among the age of 2 to 3 years need to drink 2 cups of milk daily
  • The kids of age among 4 to 8 years requires 2.5 cups of milk as well they can consume other dairy products

Bottom Line

As you have seen the benefits of drinking A2 milk for the kids. Likewise, A2 milk tastes refreshing and better, which makes its kid’s favourite drink to consume.

Well, desi cow milk contains several health benefits, but still, there are several studies which show that A2 milk is better for kids than A1 milk. FSANZ (Food Standards Australia and New Zealand) recommends that continuous drinking of desi cow milk for kids is safe as well as nutritious.

Thus, making your kid finish regular milk is a complicated task. But, kids drink A2 milk happily as they like its taste. This milk contains cream, and this is the reason kids love it. Identically. desi cow milk is the healthiest drink kids can consume. So, make sure to include desi cow milk in your kid’s diet and provide them with essential nutrients. Leave your comment below and tell us how you include A2 milk in your kid’s diet.

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