Why Desi Cow Milk is the Most Nutritious Choice?

by in Desi cow milk August 29, 2019

Nowadays, if we talk about health, individuals usually individuals keep themselves away from dairy products such as butter, cheese, and Milk. Especially, desi cow milk is considered as the fatty food item which is avoided to manage obesity. But, the facts are completely distinct. The desi cow Milk is the healthiest dairy product that keeps individuals fit and fine. The Milk obtained from the ordinary cows is completely different from that of the desi cows.  The ordinary cow Milk has worse effects on the health of individuals.

How Desi Cow Milk Beneficial to humans?

The desi cow Milk is also known as A2 Milk and possesses a large number of benefits which improves our health.  Moreover, it slows down the process of aging and makes voice soft and melodious. Desi cow milk is excellent for health and aids in lowering down bad cholesterol. This Milk does not cause any blockage and contains high nutritional values. Moreover, it contains Vitamin A2, E, and D with Omega 3.

Benefits of Consuming Desi Cow Milk

The desi cow Milk has several healing properties such as can treat gastric issues and recovers from wounds too. Moreover, desi cow milk is also best for treating broken bones. Despite this, it also preserves and treats medical conditions. It has the capability to cure insomnia, better for joint massage, and importantly better for the individuals prone to obesity. Furthermore, diseases such as severe headaches and asthma can also be prevented.

Some benefits of Desi Cow Milk:

The desi cow milk contains therapeutic properties that can treat gastric issues and recovers from the injuries. Moreover, this Milk has the power to recover the broken bones. Despite this, Milk can treat several restorative conditions. However, it is best for the massaging joints, fixes sleeping disorders, and above this, it is useful for humans who are gaining weight. The utilization of A2 Milk can provide ailments such as extreme headaches and asthma. However, this Milk is a nutritious choice for individuals having lactose allergies.

Rich in Vitamin

Milk is the perfect source of vitamins such as A, D, E, and K which the body requires in less amount. However, these nutrients allow several basic functions. Identically, necessary unsaturated fats cannot be synthesized in the body are additionally offered by Milk.

Better for the Digestive System

The Milk is rich in the butyrate with the string of unsaturated fat connected with the immune reaction which diminishes inflammation and enhances the body digestive system.

Provides Energy

Not like other fats, Milk from the desi cows is enriched with fatty acid which can be changed over specifically in energy that individuals need. The ratio of the omega-6 and omega-3 is seen perfectly in the desi cow Milk. The omega-3 fatty acid in the support in reducing the bad level of cholesterol and provide a good balance.

Improve Skin and Hair

Are you worried about your hair or skin? Then, desi cow milk is best for you. The Milk saturates the skin, hydrates it, and then lighten it up. Identically, it is skin soothing when you massage it on the skin and see positive results. However, the Milk has an exceptional advantage for hair as it stimulates hair growth after massaging it on the scalp. Additionally, Milk reduces split ends and conditions the hair and provide glistening tresses.

Enhance Digestion

Desi Milk is one of the most easily digestible fat. Desi cow Milk is a natural remedy used to balance the heating element of the body. However, it aids in digestion, protects constipation and assists in excretion of toxins.

Assist in Weight Loss

Celebrity named “Rujuta Diwekar” sets up a myth by calling desi cow Milk as the fat which makes individual thin. Her book, “Don’t lose your mind, lose your weight”, described the type of saturated fat which desi Milk contains. Moreover, it helps to burn unwanted fat in the body and regulates the metabolism.

High Smoke Point

The desi cow Milk has an extreme heat point which results that it does not burn easily while other Milk breaks down and release the free radicals whenever heated at high temperature. These free radicals are unstable molecules that can cause damage to the cells and enhance the risk of disease.

Balances Hormone

The content of fat in our body is saturated and coming from other sources is about 3%. However, this ratio is much important to know about our well-being and health. This golden elixir is enriched in Vitamin K2 that builds hormones with Vitamin A, D, E, and K.

Helps in Bone Development and strengthens Immunity

Desi milk is best for the kids as it helps to boost our immunity and make our bones strong. Moreover, it acts as the microbial and antiviral agent. Desi Milk is a rich source of the fat-soluble vitamins which helps in the development and growth of bones.

What is not known about the desi cow?

The desi cows are also known as an indigenous cow which has the specialty of having a hump on their hump. The function of this hump is to absorb the energy from the rays of the sun, moon, and other luminous bodies. Afterward, the energy has been transferred to cow products like urine, milk, and dung. The Milk of desi cows is highly beneficial for the health of humans. This is the reason it is the most nutritious choice for humans.

Additional benefits of Desi Cow Milk
  • Support health of good bacteria in the gut
  • Flushes old bile and stimulates the liver to produce new bile
  • Support stable mood as well as the level of energy
  • Encourage weight loss and fat metabolism


Hope, this blog has made you aware of several benefits of using desi Milk in your daily routine. Including it in your diet results in providing several health benefits to your body. If you searching for the provider of desi cow Milk, then rely on DesiMoo which is one of the recognized providers of A2 Milk online. 

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