Why There is Demand of Desi Cow Milk in India?

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Do you know what is desi cow milk and why desi cow milk in India is popular?

Then, read the whole blog, which will give you information about desi cow milk and why it is demanded in India. Moreover, this blog will provide you the data about where to buy desi cow milk in India?

Let us not waste time and get started with blog,

Initially, I will begin with what is milk and why is it essential to consume desi cow milk in India.

Well, milk is a liquid produced from mammals. Milk is a food that has various health benefits and nutrients.

In the regular milk, you will get lactose. But, if you are having an issue with the lactose then, you can consume desi cow milk which is available in the market.

What is Desi Cow Milk/A2 Milk?

The desi cow milk contains A2 beta-casein protein and is churned from the desi cows such as Gir, Rathi, Sahiwal, and Hariana. The desi cows have a hump on their back. Moreover, this A2 protein is nutritional and healthy as compared to the A1 milk produced by foreign breed cows.

Desi cow milk is entirely natural and contains micro and macronutrients. However, desi cow who produce desi cow milk has omega 3 and omega 6, antioxidants, and minerals. A2 milk, known for curing various types of diseases. Meanwhile, it is an alternative to the mother’s milk and has the colostrum available in the mother milk too.

Types of Cow Milk: Desi Cow Milk and Regular Cow Milk

Do you know different kinds of cows available in India? Then, there are two kinds of cow milk one is desi cow milk, and the other is regular milk. Desi cow milk in India, recognized as A2 milk and different from regular milk obtained from A1 cows. The desi milk is entirely pure and natural and free from all kinds of contamination. However, A1 cows include Holstein, Ayrshire, and Holstein Friesian.  In foreign countries, regular cows recognized as aurochs or urus.

Benefits of Desi cow Milk in India

A2 milk is the purest kind of milk that contains a blend of macro and micronutrients. Thus, desi cow milk is entirely natural and free from all types of preservatives and additives. This is the primary reason that A2 milk tastes delicious and refreshing. Moreover, A2 milk is easy to digest and does not result in any issues. Any individual can consume this milk as it contains A2 protein healthier for the body.

A2 milk is churned from the indigenous cow breed and has A2 protein, which can cure different diseases such as Type-1 diabetes. Despite several desi cows in India, Hariana, Gir, and Sahiwal are the best provider of desi cow milk in India. Moreover, this milk reduces digestive comfort and increases complete health as well as nutritional value. There are several types of research that show that drinking A1 milk can result in Type-1 diabetes but consuming A2 can result in the elimination of this disease.

Some more Advantages of Desi cow Milk

  • Desi cow milk has been packed with the right amount of protein, which is compulsory for the human body. With A2 beta-casein protein, there are several other contents that include vitamins that are useful too.
  • The A2 milk/desi cow milk contains Vitamin B2 or Riboflavin, which are essential for the essential for getting energy in the body and for the proper functioning of the circulatory system.
  • Vitamin B12 is also available in the desi cow milk, which is essential for the growth of red blood cells. Moreover, it also helps in the functioning of the nerve cells.
  • The iodine content is found in the desi cow milk which is significant and is necessary for the seamless functioning of the thyroid gland
  • The other material is Vitamin A found in desi cow milk, which prevents the body from various infections such as cold, ear infection, arthritis, and others.
  • Consumption of desi cow milk means getting 10.8% of potassium. The potassium is a compulsory electrolyte need by humans for increasing muscle growth and nerve transmission.
  • A2 milk or desi cow milk is best for the body of overweighted humans as it assists them in losing weight and preventing obesity in children.

Desi Cow Milk Benefits for Individuals

If desi cow milk-fed on the organic fodder, they assume to produce pure milk. However, if the cows are not injected with any antibiotics or any artificial hormones, then they assumed to produce natural milk. The grass on which desi cows fed not sprayed with any fertilizers or pesticides. One of the primary benefits of desi cow milk lies in the fact that humans who consume this milk can be protected from the risk of consuming harmful chemicals available in pesticides.

Moreover, the additional benefit of it is that it has omega 3, vitamin E, and other content that is best to fight infections and prevent several heart diseases. Moreover, linoleic acid is also available in desi cow milk, which contains goodness.

Why DesiMoo for A2 Milk?

DesiMoo is dairy products providers A2 milk and A2 Ghee. The company is based out at Jhajjar, Haryana. Moreover, the DesiMoo journey starts with an aim to provide natural and pure desi milk and other dairy products churned from the indigenous cow breed. We deliver pure and nutrient-rich desi cow milk from selective breed cows raised with proper nourishment. At our company, we have several Indian cow breeds that produces milk free from all harmful chemicals and preservatives. We deliver the dairy products at the doorstep of our valued customer.


DesiMoo believes that healthy desi cows produce fresh desi cow milk. However, we fed our cows with the new fodder and kept them in a clean environment. If you are purchasing desi cow milk online from DesiMoo, it means you will receive pure and natural milk at the doorstep. We follow industry standards and maintains hygiene.

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