Why You Must Replace Your Regular Cow Milk with Desi Cow Milk?

by in Desi cow milk November 2, 2019

Are you searching for Desi Cow Milk in Delhi/NCR on the internet? Then, I am sure that you have seen various websites online, which are the Desi Cow Milk provider. Then, read the whole blog post as it will let you know about where you can find chemical and preservative-free desi cow milk?

Well before letting you know, where to find Desi Milk, I will describe initially about desi cow milk and what are adverse effects you can get if you are consuming A1 milk.

So, let’s get started with the blog.

What is Desi Cow Milk?

Desi Cow Milk is a non-dairy milk alternative such as oat, soy or almond milk. It is pure local cow’s milk which contains A2 type beta-casein rather than A1 beta-casein protein which is available in regular milk. This desi cow milk is mainly produced by Desi cows who have a hump on their back. 

The primary and crucial factor in producing delicious desi milk is to find selective Desi cows. Well, the casein found in several forms which include alpha casein, beta-casein, and kappa casein.

Desi Milk helps to improve the immune system and fight against all disorders such as stomach ulcers, lactose intolerance, joints pain, gastric issues, hair fall, obesity, and others. Also, it improves memory and helps in brain development.  The Desi cow produces Panchagavya, which fights against cancer.

Another kind of cow’s milk is A1 milk. , and this milk contains A1 beta-casein protein, which is harmful if consumed by humans for a longer period of time. The A1 beta-casein protein means having beta-casomorphin-7 in the stomach. So, having BCM-7 in the stomach means having several adverse effects on health.

 Adverse Effects of BCM-7 on Human Health

Chances of Having Type-1 Diabetes

There are various observational studies that show that there is a more profound link among the consumption of A1 milk and the opportunities of occurring Type-1 diabetes.

Chances of Heart Disease

The consumption of A1 milk means an increase in the risk of heart disease. Well, this showed by the experiment done on rabbits. Moreover, it is observed that the consumption of A1 beta-casein protein builds up the fat in injured blood vessels. This buildup fat reduced when desi milk consumed.

The best alternative for infants after mother’s milk

Various research studies show that BCM-7 in A1 milk causes SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). But consumption of Desi Milk means getting colostrums which are in mother’s milk. So, it is the best milk to consume in childhood after mother’s milk.

Autism Chances

It is seen in various studies that BCM-7 is wholly associated with impaired ability to perform any action.

Digestion Issue

There are several pieces of evidence that show that consumption of A1 beta-casein protein usually affects the digestive system of humans. Also, desi milk does not contain any A2 beta-casein protein, which generally releases opioid BCM-7 during the digestion. Opioids directly affect the process of absorption in the body and thus affect metabolism.

Where to get Desi Cow Milk?

There are several dairy products provider which you can find on the internet. But, DesiMoo is the ideal place to buy desi cow milk. Therefore, we are known for providing superior quality Cow Milk at the doorstep of the individual. The cow milk offered by us does not contain any harmful substance which is widely present in various dairy provider companies desi cow milk. However, our milk does not have any traces of chemicals, pesticides or preservatives. The cow milk offered by us produced from Desi cow that has a hump on their back. Meanwhile, desi cow milk is the daily source of A2 beta-casein protein, which is healthier for the body. 

All the desi cows with us are A2 protein produces cows. Therefore. the milk provided by us is produced naturally and without the use of any antibiotics and hormones injection. However, Desi Milk is good for health and better taste. We have different breeds of Desi cows, which include Sahiwal and Gir.

Some specific features in DesiMoo’s Desi Cow Milk are:


All the desi cows present at our farm are inspected against sickness to pass the A2 standard milk quality. Thus, at DesiMoo, we maintain a standard level of hygiene for the production and handling of the products for the welfare of our customers.

Milk Testing

Before packing the Desi Cow Milk, we test the quality parameters as per the standard quality and test procedure. The results of our tests recorded and only superior quality desi milk delivered to the doorstep of customers. However, the dairy product provided by us completely naturals and does not contain any adulteration hormones, germs, preservatives, bug-killing chemicals, etc.


Every cow present at our dairy is checked, and then the healthy cows are chosen for milking. After proper cleaning of the cows, milking done with the use of automatic machines in closed containers to preserve the milk from flies. After done with the milking, it is chilled at 4-degree calcium. So, we make sure that you get the best quality cow milk at your doorway.


Meanwhile, packing is one of the essential parts done after the milking of Desi Milk. Therefore, we make use of a clean bottling facility. We make use of the bottles which are clean as well as eco-friendly. We ensure to maintain cow milk freshness.

Quality of Milk

However, we ensure to maintain the quality of Desi Milk which we deliver. Therefore, the pure desi milk produced by us comes from the selective range of our cows that provides A2 protein rather than A1. Thus, our Desi cows produce high-quality milk.


Purchasing Desi Cow A2 Milk from DesiMoo Farming means consuming a rich source of calcium, which is essential for healthy teeth as well as bones. Also, desi cow milk offers other nutrition such as vitamins and minerals such as B2, B3, B12, B6, A, D, E, K and zinc, selenium A2, phosphorous, magnesium. Desi cow milk offers an overall source of protein and is a natural source to consume carbohydrates for energy.

Some other qualities of Desi Cow Milk provide by DesiMoo:


The desi milk offered by DesiMoo is chilled at 2-degree centigrade to maintain the freshness of the milk.


DesiMoo desi milk is obtained from grass-fed cows and is overall healthy.

No Preservatives and adulterants

The desi cow milk produced by the cows at DesiMoo is unadulterated and does not contain any preservatives.  Additionally, we make sure that the milk is safe by chilling it.

Completely Fresh and Pure

At DesiMoo, we offer completely natural and pure desi cow milk with the use of organic process and nature-friendly environment.


Consuming A1 milk? Then, switch to desi milk offered by DesiMoo and feel the difference yourself!

Lastly, drink desi milk that brings both health as well as nutritional value. Also, it tastes better. So, at DesiMoo, we obtain pure and fresh cow milk from Desi cow breeds. However, we are an ideal choice for individuals who want to get rid of every digestive issue. 

So, do you want desi cow milk at your doorstep? Then, contact us and get it at your door for free. We aim to satisfy customers with the milk we offer. We never compromise on the quality of Desi Cow Milk which we offer.

So what are you waiting for? So, browse our website and order Desi Cow Milk today!

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